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SIMATOGRAPHY is a supportive community with a special interest in movie making (machinima) and photography (simtography). We encourage the sharing and celebration of creativity at all skill levels. We are not here to judge or to criticize. We are here to have fun, to learn from one another and to grow together.  

We showcase photography, storytelling, Sim celebrities, Sims bands and musicians and more. We encourage people to take a leap of faith and try something new. We invite people of all levels of skill to join in and be proud of their accomplishments. SIFF features viewer’s choice polls where fans can vote on their favourites, but to us behind the scenes, SIFF is not about the winners. SIFF really is about using creativity as a personal expression and we do not ever want people to feel that they have to win to be appreciated. Everyone who participates in SIFF is a part of the success. The more simmers who join in on SIFF, the more we all benefit. 

 Here at SIMATOGRAPHY you will find a supportive community who are always willing to help each other out. Drop by our forums to share, ask questions, get help and to learn. We feature tutorials and tips for many topics to help your SIMS MACHINIMA and photography skills improve. 

 We started as a SIMS 3 fan site, but as time goes on we realize that more and more Sims2 machinima makers are still going strong.  With The SIMS 4 coming so soon we have plans to expand and welcome both The SIMS 2 and The SIMS 4 players to the mix, so stay tuned for more.

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