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SIFF Fall 2015 - Season 12

Posted by Minraed on July 1, 2015 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

     Another season of SIFF has gotten underway and we have many exciting things in store for you. Each season brings old standard expectations, and always new ideas and changes to make it better than ever. We are looking forward to another awesome season and the opportunity to showcase some of the community's greatest talents. Even though it is a film festival, we always like to emphasize that you don't have to be a machinima maker to join and celebrate with us because we really do have something for everyone.

     This season kicks off early as we hope to give more people time to learn about us and prepare. We have battle of the bands already underway, as well as some of our startup challenges like the official SIFF poster challenge. Be sure to head into our SIFF forums HERE to get all of the details and updates. 

     If you have any questions about SIFF we have  special forum thread open for you so don't be shy. We are always here to help. 

2014 Fall Battle of the Bands

Posted by Jorgha Haq on June 12, 2014 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

It seems like we just released the names of the Spring 2014 SIFF winners and here we are with the fall season upon us.  This marks our 10th Season of the Sims International Film Festival. Five years ago The Sims 3 was released and five years ago Simatography and SIFF came into existance to encourage and feature the kind of creativity that only the Sims can spawn.

Over these five years SIFF has grown and expanded. The Battle of the Bands started off as an experiment to try and include non-machinima makers to participate. We had no idea that it would grow as big as it has in such a short period of time or become so popular. Spring 2014 marked a record number of entries and we hope to see even more bands and performers come out this fall.

So, without further ado, we are excited to annouce that Sunday, June 15, 2014, the submission period for the Battle of the Bands officially opens kicking off the SIFF season! We can't wait to see your bands and performers! 

Due to the growing popularity of the Battle of the Bands we have had to update THE RULES. Please be sure to check them out and read over everything. The official forum thread for the Battle of the Bands can be found HERE

In the words of Ozzy Osborne...."Let the madness begin!"

Take a Tour of the New Forums

Posted by Minraed on April 18, 2014 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Forums Update

It has been a long time coming, but finally we have had time to revamp the forums for a fresh start to a new era in Simatography. Behind the scenes the staff has been debating and rewriting, discussing and revamping the layout for the forums with the goal of making them easier to navigate and to find the things that you really want to find. Read below for a bit of a guided tour.

The biggest change to make note of is that we have opened up some sections for Sims 2 players and in preparation we have opened threads for the soon to come Sims 4 players too.


The green room is a term used in show business as the place where performers hang around before they are needed on stage. Our Green Room is a place for our members to start out before diving out into the forums. We recommend that everyone reads the MEMBER GUIDELINES HERE first, just to be familiar with how we roll.  You can also drop in and introduce yourself HERE.

The rest of what you find in the Green Room are threads for general discussions about gameplay and real life stuff.


Well, this section is self-explanatory really and there are no major changes. Within the next month, as we roll out promotions for our upcoming 10th anniversary, we wil clean up this section a bit more. We will also be reorganizing the downloads section to make it easier to find SIFF specific downloadable objects for your SIFF projects.


We have rearranged things a little bit so that you can find the challenges that you are looking for - now separated into Photography, Machinima and Mixed Challenges for Everyone. What is new and coming? 

Shutterbugs Photography Club will start up again soon with a new concept much like that of a real-life photography club. Watch for details soon.

100 Themes challenge is ongoing and going strong.

HAPPY - a machinima challenge has just been launched and there will be another new machinima challenge lauching within the next week or so.

Rockabilly Party is our current all talents challenge for everyone to enjoy.


We made a few minor changes here to allow members to share their projects in a more organized setup. It should be clear now where to post your project announcements. Don't be shy! We want to know what you are up to.


Once again a more organized approach to share and request custom content starting with a sectioin for our members to share their own handmade content.

WCIF - where can I find...   just ask for what you are looking for and surely someone has seen it out there, or perhaps a friendly creator would be willing to help you out

LWIF - look what I found... a place to share that fabulous find that you just don't want to keep to yourself


Well this is pretty obvious too. We all can use a little help at sometime or another. To be sure to avoid confusion we now have separate sections for Sims 2, 3 and 4 specific topics as more Sims 2 and future Sims 4 players join us.

Customer Service is where you can get help with anything relating to our website, and Classified Ads is a section for you to post your ads when you need help on a project, are looking for people to join you on an MEP, or if you are looking for voice actors for example.


We have a wealth of information and tutorials for everything from Machinima School, Photography Tips and tutorials on a number of creative and technical topics that will surely help you improve your art. Have a peek at what is there, you might be surprised.

So we do hope that you will find your way around before too long as we get a fresh start to a new era at Simatography together!

And the Winners Are...

Posted by Jorgha Haq on April 6, 2014 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

The curtains close on another exciting season of the Sims International Film Festival as we announce the winners in The SIFF Buzz. As always, SIFF was an outstanding showcase of talent and creativity featuring both Sims 2 and Sims 3. 

There were so many wonderful flims to watch, and if you haven't seen them you can still check them out on our YouTube page in the Spring 2014 SIFF Playlist. It couldn't have been easy for all of you that voted, and we would like to thank every one of you for voting and helping us picking the winners. It wasn't easy for us behind the scenes as we debated for hours to pick those that recieved honorable mentions for their outstanding work. The Battle of the Bands was also a tough competition this time around with a record 14 bands. 

Going into the fall we are planning many big things for our 10th anniversary and we want everyone to be a part of it. Keep watching the site for all the exciting things to come, including a new site design that we hope will make everything easier to navigate, machinima challenges, the on going 100 Themes Photography Challenge and so much more. We can't wait to share everything that we havce planned for the 10th anniversary and we hope to see you there.

Again, a huge thank you to our participants and our fans for making the Sims International Film Festival what it is, and for making it bigger and better each season.

Weekly Band Challenges

Posted by Jorgha Haq on August 9, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Week Band Challenges

Don't forget to check out the Mini Band Challenge Thread. Each Friday a new photography challenge is posted in order for us to get to know the bands better. Participation isn't required, you can do all of them, some of them, or none of them, but keep in mind it's promotional material for your band!

Now Accepting Submissions for Film Posters and Trailers

Posted by Jorgha Haq on August 1, 2013 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

2013 Fall SIFF season is in full swing and you can feel the excitement in the air. Submissions are now open for movie posters and film trailers. We want a sneak peak of what you have planned so show up your movie posters and film trailers. Deadline for submissions for both is September 1, 2013

You can find the movie poster thread HERE and the film trailer thread HERE.

SIFF Band Challenge Is On!

Posted by Jorgha Haq on June 5, 2013 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

This SIFF season we are getting an early start on the SIFF Band Search to give everyone who wants to participate ample time to get their band or solo performer together and ready for the festivities including a number of mini challenge that are going to take place this season. We are always trying to make SIFF bigger and better and the band challenge is one of our ways of doing that. It gives people a chance to partipate in SIFF who may not do machinima and is a ton of fun!

Read More on the Offical Entry Page

Band Challenge Poster Challenge

Posted by Jorgha Haq on February 12, 2013 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)


We are opening a poster challenge for the bands similar to the one that we have for the SIFF Films. These posters will be used to promote the bands on Tumblr, Facebook and in the Offical SIFF Band Program that will be put together. Just like the SIFF Film Poster Challenge, the Sims Community will vote on the posters to choose their favorites.



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