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There's a new kid in town, and he's exposing your secrets!

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Computer Glitch Preventing Updates

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Due to a strange and sudden computer glitch I have been unable to access my computer for any length of time which means I have not had much luck getting more site updates done this week. I hope to find a solution to the problem soon. I have a photo that will help you understand. This change came to me Sunday and I am trying to take a gentle and caring approach to it. I will definitely try to resolve it by Saturday or Sunday as I hope that these furry growths will realize that there are other seating options available. :D

Introducing Harvest and Barley - my new friends.

They need a bit of extra care for this first week in their new home so don't feel that I'm neglecting you here.

Site Revamp Has Begun

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 I've started taking another step towards making the site easier to use.  In the end we hope to have a newly organized tabbed menu system in place, a swanky new banner and better ways of promoting your creations and making them easier to find when people drop by here.  I know it takes a while to get used to changes so I'll keep you informed along the way so that you can check out the new things and give me some feedback along the way.

    Since we now have drop down menus available it allows us to connect items of similar interest. I've started with Machinima.  Hover over the Machinima button on the menu bar and you will find YouTube, Videos, Series, Machinima School. On the machinima home page there will be a set of easy links directing the machinima makers and fans to various important places on our site that might be of interest. Watch for those updates and tell me what you think. 

Got a Machinima Series to Promote?   

If you have a Machinima Series I recommend that you do two things - Start up a forum thread where you can provide updates to your fans when new episodes come out etc. Message Minraed directing her to your forum thread and your YouTube page and she will add your links to the Machinima Series directory.

    Your dedicated hostess - Minraed

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