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Sims 4 Machinima at SIFF (and more...)

Posted by Minraed on August 31, 2014 at 7:25 AM

Don't forget to scroll right to the end for an important annoucement about Sims 4 machinima and SIFF.


    Well here we are just days away from game release for The Sims 4 and already machinima makers are testing out the waters. With only CAS to offer, creative movie makers are showing us what might be possible. The examples below will show you what people are already able to do with just simple CAS animations and some creative green-screening. I like how we are seeing some good variety in the examples. I think this provides some perspective, since we all have very different styles when it comes to the type of machinima we like to make. As machinima makers, we can all recognize that we are never restricted to the confines of style dictated by the game alone. With creative scenery, set design, green screens, costumes and lighting we can create truly unique genres that may not reflect what the game alone is offering us. So check these out...

     Essiepictures may have been the first person to put out a CAS demo turned into a machinima.These various clips are a brilliant example of the possibilties.

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     Anyone who is familar with Bahariawans Studio and director Fadhil will know that he has a very oddball and quirky style that is all his own. Ok well, he's inspired by the film genre's that he imitates, but as far as Sims machinima goes, he's always making us laugh. His take on The Sims 4 CAS demo is no different. We can expect some hilarious new machinima from him I'm sure.

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    And finally, I will indulge myself by sharing my very own Sims 4 machinima. This may be the first one made from game footage because I had the advantage of capturing some footage while I was at the EA Creator's Camp. My intention was just to explore some of the camera moves, and some of the basic machinima making features and tools, but I ended up with enough to make this funny little thing. Keep in mind that what you are seeing is very basic, and even given that I am feeling impressed with the possibilities. There is no cc, no special lighting technique, no mods, just plain and simple in game capture. I hope you enjoy.

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Enter your early attempts at Sims 4 machinima at SIFF this season!

Since people are already exploring Sims 4 machinima we know that there will be some being made right away as the game is released, so we are going to allow these early attempts into SIFF. We will open up a separate Sims 4 category and will allow late submissions for Sims 4 only. Here are the ammended rules for your Sims 4 submission...

1. All usual SIFF rules apply - your machinima should not be released before September 15th and needs to be completed by September 20th

2. Deadline for Sims 4 submissions will be September 10th. Your film does not have to be ready by then, we just need to know that you are entering, so have your submission form in by then.

3. Have fun with it. We don't have all the CC and tools yet, so most people will not have time to finish a really in depth production. Try out an advertisement or something fun.

Get all of the needed info HERE on our SIFF page

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