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Posted by Jorgha Haq on August 20, 2015 at 4:30 AM

As you all know, we have been talking a lot about the future of SIFF and what we need to do to enure it's sucess as it grows. We've gotten a deal of feedback and we will probably continue to throw ideas out over the next several weeks in the form of SurveyMonkey surveys since they are quick and painless for everyone to answer while preserving anonymity. Bare with us, we want to make sure we make the best decisions. I do want to take a few minutes to address a few things that have come up wthrough the survey process thus far.

Lets start with site features -

Chat/Instant Messaging: There is no easy way to do this. This is NOT something Webs supports. We have tried to institute this before and we have tried again recently. It's not going to happen. Not on Webs. The site would have to be moved and that means hosting, and hosting isn't free.

Profile Pages: Again, this is NOT something that can accomplished with Webs. It's not that we don't want to add features that would encourage use of the site it's that we are limited with what we can do with what we have have Remember, we all do this in our spare time and we make no money off the site. 

If you take a look around, the site is ad free. Minraed pays for hosting out of her own pocket and has invited everyone to to use the site. This has always been a labour of love but when things don't pay for themselves costs need to be kept under control. We hope that you all understand this.

Moving on to SIFF -

More Catagories: We would love to do this, in fact, we have had different catagories over the seasons. The problem is, they don't get used. Someone suggested an anime catagory. We don't have people actually submitting those kinds of films to justify giving it it's own catagory. This goes for a lot of other things. There is a complaint that things are all English based. This goes along with the catagories. Peopel weren't use the Foriegn Film catagory. At most we got two or three entries a season. Some seasons none at all. We have pushed this catagory in the past and people just choose not to use it. If we get the entires to support it we will, by all means, bring it back.

Support for other languages: We have tried really hard to do this in the past. It's something people want, but it's not something we have had a lot of help with when asked. We need people who will help us keep rules updated in other languages. It's an ongoing theme. SIFF has a staff currently of three people. Three people make everything happen. We make sure emails and questions are anwered, that the playbill gets updated, that our YouTube channel is maintained and playlists are updated, that voting happens, that there are articles for the magazines, and so much more. We can't do everything. People want SIFF to happen and for things to run smoothly but they don't want to help. Not to sound mean, uncaring, or rude, but we are three people and we can only provide those things that we can do ourselves.

A Third SIFF Cycle During the Year: Wow. I don't even know where to start with that one. Let me repeate something I have said already. We have a staff of three people. Three people with families, work and school. To add a third season would be very stressful to us. As it is, we get a two month break between the fall and spring seasons before we have to start doing all the things that happen behind the scenes to make SIFF happen. We are talking about moving Battle of the Bands bewteen SIFF Seasons at the moment for a number of reasons, and that will fill those few months of down time. We really don't want the quality of anything to suffer and we don't want to run ourselves ragged and suffer from burnout where we end up canceling seasons because we can't keep up.

Do More with Vocie Acting: We are working on this. The last two seasons we started working more with voice actors and we are still working out the best way to do this. We will be adding a voice actor to our staff to help us with this. We are oppen to suggestions.

Sectons for Stories, etc: You can always add these things to the forum. I know it's not ideal, but we have always tried to encourage people to share what they do there. You are allowed to start your own threads to showcase your work.

Limiting: I know this suggestion was made with the best of intentions as a way to keep things under control, but we will never limit the number of peopel that can join in one season. We want to give everyone a chance and no matter how many entries we get each season, not everyone gets their films done. Last season we had close to 80 entries and only 53 of those films were released at SIFF. Many of those people we found out when films opened that their products were not done. We also won't limit the amount of time for projects. It counter produtive to creativty on a number of levels. 

Please, keep sending us your feedback. We are listening and discussing everything you tell us. You can always tell us what you think anonymously through tumblr

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Reply sylentwhysper
5:47 AM on August 22, 2015 
I have to agree, the gallery is pretty messy. I wish there was a more organized way to find things or at least have better filters. I've always wanted a way to easily view the most 'recently updated' albums. Someone adds new photos to their album which is three pages in but really, who would know that! That's why I kind of suggested a new album for each new chapter in a story. But there are big pros and cons to that as well. :(
Reply Jorgha Haq
2:43 AM on August 22, 2015 
As a thing, if people are going to use the gallery for storytelling, I would encourage them to continue to use the same gallery and not create new ones for each chapter. Those galleries are a mess and they are going to have to be cleaned up soon.
Reply sylentwhysper
2:38 AM on August 22, 2015 
A suggestion for storytelling is using the Gallery. Create an album and upload pics with caption. It's hard to do stories in the forum because people can't go back and re-edit their posts when they later update it. But you CAN edit/add to an album in the Gallery. You can create a new album for each chapter if it's an ongoing story, or keep it in the same album and just add new pics. Then you can link to the album with a post in the forum. :D
Reply Ballantyne
6:31 PM on August 21, 2015 
That's a real shame about the chat rooms :(

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