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I am making some videos to promote SIFF on YouTube. These will be relatively short videos, but will give people a general idea of what SIFF is if anyone views the Simatography YouTube channel. I have a lot of ideas but I don’t really have any media to use in the videos. I love the idea of using clips of videos from various videos showcased in SIFF throughout the years, and movie posters people made for SIFF. I also would love it if you could write what SIFF means to you, or why you participate in SIFF. Just a sentence or two nothing that long. If you could take some time and do this for that would be amazing.

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Nice idea, PromDiva.  Let me think on this and will let you know.


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SIFF is a celebration of creativity!

SIFF is a showcase for machinima and more.

I'll share some of my fave pics and memories too soon.


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Gus Rockman
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This is a nice idea, PromDiva! I don't know if you've seen my promo for the latest SIFF, I used clips from different machinimas. The way I did it is by downloading the youtube video using a page called KeepVid. I didn't ask for permission since I was just doing a promo for Simatography.

For me SIFF is apart from a celebration of art, creativity and the sims culture itself, a means to spread the voice about yourself. If it wasn't for SIFF I doubt I'd have gotten this far. Both Simatography and SIFF are a service to the community, which makes it possible, much like a cyclic thing, they both feed each other. :)


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