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Hi Guys, I've been thinking about getting the Pets EP for machinima (just for the horses) but I am wondering once it is installed, are there many wild animals running around the world? E.g. if filming external shots would the background get cluttered by random deer, squirrels etc. running around? Can you use mods to "teleport" them somewhere else if they are in the way?

Just curious. :/

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Jorgha Haq
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It's not much of an issue unless you are using one of the CAS worlds, but you can always get them out of the way by move objects. I have never tried to teleport them, but I have used the reset sim command using Master Controller to get them off the lot.


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make sure you have Master Controller and I think Overwatch. You can limit the number of animats, you can kill them all off in MC/demographics etc (when you get it, I'll explain it to you).

So, for instance, in the world I used for Someone Like her, I made sure i had no wild animals at all, no strays, nothing.

Animals can be teleported only if you are controlling them.


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Thanks Jorgha & Cloud, this is very helpful :)

@Cloud, Yeah, I have MC and Overwatch (and a few other nraas mods), but I only know a fraction of what they can do, lol. Thanks, I might pm you once I pick it up. 

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