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I just learned of this on our staff forum at SF Magazine and OMG I am so excited!  I have yet to install it, but one of our lead editors has an says it works like a dream.



for this mod combined with an HQ or HD mod


don't worry, the links are not direct downloads, they just take you to the page where you can see the detailed info


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i downloaded this too and it works awesome!


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also, Shimrod had many of the less 'bloom' (aka Glare) mods awhile ago. I use his mods

Registratin is required, but all the cool mods are there. :)


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Shimrod's lighting mod is accomplished via INI files, as I'm sure you're aware, CW, and thus may conflict with other lighting mods, such as those offered by Brntwaffles, or other mods that rely on the same INIs. This modified GraphicsRules can be used with any lighting mod, and conflicts with no standard mods.

I'm glad it's working well for you, Minraed and Nanami :)

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