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Our first Machinima School Notebook is here!

We decided to start off with a reference that has all of the beginner information in one place so that you don't have to dig through the forums all the time. I hope this will be helpful for brand new machinima makers as well as some who have been around for a while but need a refresher or may have missed a trick along the way.

Click the pic to read it on ISSUU


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Oh excellent! This is a great resource for beginners. Plus, I was LMAO at the "How to Fail at Machinima" article XD, it's so true! :lol:

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Very very nice!!


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This is great! Actually, I think this covered all the areas a beginner would need to film a decent first machinima. It's pretty valuable information. Plus I agree, "How To Fail At Machinima" made me chuckle. :)


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The information in here is all on the site already, but I just wanted to start creating a series of notebooks as quick references with all of the similar items in one neat place with the information condensed into what is needed, as opposed to the threads where various conversations can make things distracting. I'll continue later with some intermediate, advanced and/or specific topics drawing from what people have posted and shared here.

I'm glad people are liking it :)


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