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Astraea Nevermore
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"Hey everyone! It's Aaron Challis of Wicked Hearts here, and we're proud to be a part of this contest! Our band has been working hard to get back on track since the reunion a few months ago and this sounds like a great occasion to meet new people and spread our love for music (& rock n' roll, of course!) :D We just found out this section to add our updates, so we thought it would be a good idea to add some stuff over here. Ready for the spamming? Good! :D

First off,let me introduce you to our all new website: it's still under construction, but we promise that more infos will be added in the next days. Also, you may want to check out our Facebook ( ), Tumblr & SIFF gallery for even more stuff and news.

And nooooooow... right to the big announcement: as some of you may have noticed, we have a new album soon to be released. You can check out some samples on Youtube... right here :D

Let us know what you think and... STAY WICKED!"


Soooo... here's the thread, as promised! :D I couldn't resist and I decided to make a little video to present the band as well. As I said, I'm not exactly a machinima artist, and this was also made really quick, but I thought it would have been nice to have a sort of "sample" album, so to show how the guys sound. For some reason, my video editor decided to destroy the last part of the video, where there was supposed to be a super cool effect with the album title appearing exactly while drums were playing... but alas, it took me forever to upload and I don't feel like redoing everything now D: still, hope you will like it! ^___^



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Site Owner
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Welcome to the fun! It's great to have you. As for machinima, just have fun with it. We have plenty of tools here to help you out so just ask and we will guide you. Most of all, Stay Wicked (I was going to say Have Fun, but your slogan sounds better. haha)


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Astraea Nevermore
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July 30, 2014

Hey guys, Tanner over here! Been a while since we've done one of these diary things, eh? A little late, but hey, still better than nothing, isn't it? We're heading to Los Angeles as I'm writing these lines: that's gonna be our last date before we head to the Battle of The Bands. Yep, you read it correctly, we're gonna be there for the second time this year! It's gonna be a blast, I'm sure! Meanwhile, we're enjoying our trip to the city of Angels. Sort of. I think Ace is turning a little green... he doesn't like bus trips that much. Not that it prevented him and the other boys from taking a selfie using my cellphone, anyway.

(Full size here)

The city is not so far away, now: I think we're gonna be there in twenty minutes or less. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow! As a little reminder, the meet & greet starts at 7 PM, while the concert is at 8 PM. Catch ya there and STAY WICKED!




August 1, 2014


God, Tanner's writing is SO boring I can't even! Let's start over, shall we?


HELLO, WICKED FANS! It's Aaron writing here!

Today's a great day: a concert and a meet & greet awaits us. For a great start, let me offer you a picture of your favorite band o' aux ARGH au naturel (thanks, Google!): to add it up to the many things I love of this city, our hotel in LA is so amazingly comfortable that not even our beloved bass player wanted to get up, this morning. Which is why we decided to help him getting ready: aren't we the most adorable band mates ever?



(He didn't appreciate, though. He's claiming that he's gonna get his revenge. Just let him talk. Also, full sizes here)



Later on (and once everyone got out of their pajamas) we did a little tour of LA. You know, I've been here hundreds of times, and I still can't get over how amazing it is! The Hollywood Walk of Fame has to be one of my favourite places ever, so here's a pic from our visit of today:



(As you can see, Tanner was still a little unhappy with the little makeup joke from this morning, but I swear he found his smile again as soon as we found Kermit the Frog's star. I'd post a picture as proof, but my phone apparently ate it. Damn.)


Anyway, there wasn't much time for visiting the city... mainly because we had something even better expecting us: that's right, the meet & greet with you guys! I still can't believe how many of you were there! You are simply AMAZING, never doubt that! I have only a few pictures with me right now, but you can send us more on our Facebook page! ----->


(Look at the crowd!)


(Serious people at work)


(VERY serious people!)


(We had the same shirt!)


(...And yeah, we're just giving out our best)


And that's all for tonight, but stay tuned for more news to come!







So... I'm still alive! :D Also, I only just noticed Minraed's comment on this topic D: I know I'm *very* late (like, six months late '_'), but still... thank you, dear! ^___^
In the meantime, here are some little "blog posts" to go with the pictures of Wicked Hearts I took in these last weeks. I know that the role play is not the focus of the contest, but I liked the idea of writing a little something together with the pictures. Hope it didn't go too overboard D: Next posts will have less text, anyway :D soon more pictures will come! ^___^



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It's awesome to see Wicked Hearts back for more action. Great new pics.


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Astraea Nevermore
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Thanks, Minraed! :D

(Though I just noticed that manually resizing the pictures in the post made some of them distorted D: GAH! D: not gonna do the same mistake here, lol U____U)


August 2, 2014


Concert pictures from yesterday are up! Check them down here or on our SIFF Gallery for the full size!



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Astraea Nevermore
Posts: 17

August 7, 2014


Throwback Thursday by Tanner! :D (lots of T's here, isn't it?)


Aaron said my last post was boring, and... eh, now that I'm re-reading it, I'll have to admit that he wasn't so wrong. But I'm ready to apologize with something funnier this time!

We've been asked for some pictures from the past, and who are we to refuse such a request? Ready to take a look at your favorite (yeah, well, hopefully) band of all times?


First up is me, just because I'm vain like that. I think it was... fifteen years ago? God, that sounds like ages! Still, though, look at that awesome mohawk! I'm almost thinking of bringing it back again. Wouldn't it be cool as hell?


Next in the list is our beloved drummer, Ace.


...Yes, Ace.


I know, I know. I didn't recognize him either at first.


Our travel to the past continues with...


...Uh, yeah. Completely forgot about this. No picture from Ben, so have this pencil portrait of him made by the amazing Aaron Lee Challis in person!


Speaking of our singer, I'm pretty sure that you're all curious to see what he looked like! We all know how picky Aaron can be when it comes to showing pictures of himself, and this time was no exception: he spent literally ages tryin' to find the best picture to show you guys, which is why I, as his friend and bandmate, decided to help him. Ladies and gentlemen, here it is:



...Adorable, isn't he? ;D


Stay tuned for more news and pictures soon!





P.S.: Now, how's that for a revenge, Aaron? :D



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