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I am filming very early in preparations for the Sims International Film Festival: Season 10! Yet, I do not have the items I need to tell my story: The Loose Noose. I would do it myself, but I do not have the skills to create CC, just yet. If anyone who is willing to take requests, or provide people who do take requests, it will be greatly appreciated, and I'll credit you, of course! If you are interested, please comment or e-mail here on the website, whatever is best for you!

Some of the items I need:

Custom Content -

o A neat pile of tied rope (before it becomes a noose).
o A tied noose (laying on the bed).
o A hanging noose (from the ceiling).

Animations -

o A young boy untangling rope
o A young boy tying a noose, (this may be differcult, I know!).
o A young boy hanging the noose, (stepping on a chair, hanging it from the ceiling).
o A young boy placing the noose around his neck
o A young boy kicking the chair away.
o (I know, very graphic) A young boy hanging.

If anyone could suggest already-made CC, or animations, please provide a link! Or if anyone is willing to create these for me, it would mean the world! Thank you, everyone! I'm excited for the BIG 10!



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I can take care of the animations, those are pretty simple. Any particular requirements? (Lenght, loopable...)


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ChristieL. at April 26, 2014 at 11:27 AM

I can take care of the animations, those are pretty simple. Any particular requirements? (Lenght, loopable...)

Oh, my God! That would be amazing! Thank you, ChristleL. Just have the animations slow, and dramatic. I greatly appreciate it! I will credit you! And maybe have the end of the loop and the beginning to have a nice transition, so it doesn't spazz out. If you know what I mean. You made my day! You are a life saver! Ask me if you have anymore questions!


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