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Phantom Plan
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Hi everyone -

I'm looking for some new, professional or semi-professional movie making software. Right now, I only have Wax 2.0, Video Pad, and (sigh) Windows Movie Maker. If anyone has any suggestions, listing features that the program can do (i.e. Chroma Key, layering, etc - but I'm looking for a lot more than that!) would be great. I'm looking for something that can edit AND put together films, so no "after effects" only suggestions, please.

Thanks to anyone who replies!


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A lot of people use Sony Vegas, but I use (and I think Gus) use Premiere Pro (which links soundbooth, photoshop, and after effects together seamlessly).


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Vegas is pretty cool. :) I use the Pro version 


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I use Pinnacle Studio 16 Pro and it's good for me. I think they have newer version out there... The use of the chromas key is okay and I can import PSD (photoshop), and PNG  files into it.  But I personally think there are better ones out there :D


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Phantom Plan
Posts: 52

Wow... Thanks for all the responses guys! I'll be sure to check some of these out.

By all means though, if anyone else as anything to add, please do. This stuff is expensive and I don't want to regret what I get!


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Bosko-Filipek Productions
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I've been looking for some cheaper programs to use too; these are the ones I've found so far:

- Movavi Movie Editor (includes chroma key,as well as a variety of advanced settings- it is quite linear though)

- I used a run off of this source filmaker program- it's amazing, though it can't be utilised for in-game footage, but rather; only the editing process. :

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