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Amarilis Nelvighlans
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Hi, my name is Amarilis and I'm from Brasil.

I'd like to know a few things about plot (if my interpretation is right, Plot means what's my story is about... had to check, English ain't my first language, so...)

I'm planning a Machinima about my favorite Opera, I never waych any plays about it, but I did a huge research and I think I want to give it a try. My question is: Once I'm usisn a 1991's version soundtrack, can I use it (credit the orchestra and chorus, of course) because I don't think I can get the permission to use the songs... I'm asking becaus I see hundreds of machinimas with music from bands, and you have the music videos chelenges... do we need permission to use that? Or just credit is Ok.

I'm sorry if that's in the wrong topic, but as a noob, I'm a litle lost over here.

Thanks for  your atention.


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Moon Entertainment
Posts: 142

Yes you'll be able to use the soundtrack from the opera that it is you are doing. With many of us who have used songs from bands we've not really asked permission (unless of course we've used songs from bands we know personally), but we do put on our youtubes we're not intending to infringe on copyright terms of the usage of the song. The only problem you may come across is Youtube blocking it in certain countries or if its too much of a concern them removing it, but I've seen many opera soundtracks posted on Youtube itself so I don't think you'll have much of a problme. :) 


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Site Owner
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Don't worry about being in the wrong place. The forums here are huge, and we don't mind moving things to the right place. I'll move this to the help section.

I think Demeter answered your question there, but yes Plot is what the story is about. You may not have gotten the joke, but POT HOLES are those big holes on the streets that the city doesn't fix so Plot Holes was just a play on that. haha we like to be funny around here.


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Amarilis Nelvighlans
Posts: 4

Thanks for the answers, and for the explanation... I'm late in getting jokes... no matter the language, but now I've got it... tks, Minraed, Demeter.


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Jorgha Haq
Posts: 664

Somewhere on the forum here I have the directions up on how to deal with YouTube's copyright issues. I should probably pull that out and put it where everyone can find it again. ;)


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