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So okay...  Ice sculptures. I want to have a ice scuplture with a custom pose of my choice, have tried many things in my game, but won't work at all. I have seen in other machinimas ice sculptures in a custom pose. So I was wondering how to do it? Would be greatful if somone could help me with this. I'm of course gonna keep trying myself to find a way, but would be nice to get some help too. Also, is there a way to get sculptures of a sim to lie down? Like, lying on a bed or rock, but scuplture. Cause I tried too, but it just switched to default pose as sculpture.

Thanks! :)


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I could be wrong, but I'll throw this out there and see what others say. I'll ask on FB too.

I am under the impression that when the skill is high enough the sim can carve a person as an ice sculuture, so the first thing is to have the sim being carved placed into a custom pose, then to get the other sim to carve the ice sculpture.

Another think I think is possible, again I will try to confirm, is that one of the NRaas cheats I think allows you to turn something into an ice sculpture.


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Ok, I posted onto FB so hopefully we'll get you an answer


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