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Join in on the Theme

and help us put together our next Simatography Magazine

Each Simatography magazine has a new theme to it. Once we choose a theme we try to focus most of our articles around set design, costume, and other topics that related to that theme. This time we want YOU the members to get in on the fun. Why not! Let's make a party of it! We will be using your submissions in the creation of the magazine.

This season, for the September Simatography magazine, we chose the theme At the Movies as a way to celebrate and really showcase the broad range of possibilities that The Sims 3 and The Sims 2 present to us in our story telling. There is really no genre that we cannot recreate.


This is a pretty open concept challege so you will definitely find something up your alley. You can do any of these things with no limit to how many you choose to participate in.

a short machinima (4 minutes or less) - music video, advertisement or commercial, short story etc

1 or 2 page ad for the magazine - MUST be A4 page size or use 831x1169 dimensions with a 300 dpi resolution for best quality. Think movie poster, or advertisements for anything that fits a certain genre of film or a product advertised in a style that fits a film style, such as a sci-fi robot ad, or romantic comedy date service ad, etc.  Or the ad can be for a Sims website or a set of objects that fit a certain film genre.

photos, photos, photos - any photos you want to create for any film genre. Let's show off what we are capable of.

Story told with a clear theme similar to any film genre, or a story about the movies, etc.

custom content - poses, clothing, hair, tattoos, jewelry, animations, objects

Create movie stars and characters that fit into any film genre - show us how to get the look for that genre

If you have any other ideas, share them here with us. Anything goes.

DUE DATE: Saturday, September 20th

Magazine release: Tuesday September 23rd, the first day of Fall (up here in the northern hemisphere)

NOTE: Anything in the forum of a picture/photo can go directly into the gallery album HERE


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I'm giving a bit of a bump because we really want to showcase you in our next Simatography magazine.

There are endless possible ways to have your stuff showcased, or you may even have an idea for an article, a photo story, or tutorial. We know that there is a lot of talent out there, so let's show it off in the style of your favourite movie genre.


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I very much like the theme and I hope with my busy schedule I'll find time to throw in something!

I personally thing a cinamoatography/lighting tutorial could be good. I'm no expert, but every film lesson I've seen is very basic showing cameramode functions and editing cheats we all know by now. I'd like to show (or maybe show in collaboration with some other brains) what I've learned as far as lighting or camera angles goes for specific you can make the best movie possible! If I made it I'd do an article with pictures or a video. Not exactly sure if this fits what you mean for the theme, so just let me know. :D


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MsSunny, I'd love to chat with you more on this. Shoot me an email at [email protected] when you get a chance.


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I have some pictures to show off! I had lots of fun making these.:D


Click the picture to check out my Simblr! 8)

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One photo inspired by the movie Hunger Games. 
And two more photos inspired by Titanic. 

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Gus Rockman
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I love this theme! Here are a bunch of stills from my Rocky Horror project, fits perfectly with the theme and it has some of our members in it. ;)


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