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The story began ten years ago, when Jana and Blackie, two high school friends, decided to create a band, just for fun. They hired a drummer, Lenowe, and a lead guitarist and started jamming in Jana's garage. Nothing serious. The band didn't even have a name.

The band unfortunately split when the lead guitarist, which was at that time Jana's closest friend since forever, disappeared without explanation. She never forgave him.

 Ten years later, Jana took her phone and called her two remaining bandmates, asking them to come back into the band, which she called "The Untruthful" because of what happened with her friend. Then they found a young and unexperienced yet quite promising guitarist called Hauni.

Things got way more serious as they have already sold more than two milion copies of their first album released half a year ago; they are currently roaming around the planet for their first world tour which is a great success.

Who knows, maybe they'll become the new legends of heavy metal ?

Check their full gallery:

On Tumblr :

Read Spring 2014 Rising Star magazine:

Even if she can be really mean sometimes, Jana knows what she’s doing. She has a psychology degree but apparently she prefers being in a heavy metal band.

He’s the last to have entered the band. Yet Hauni is kind of unexperienced, he’s a quite promising guitarist. He doesn’t talk much and you never know what’s on his mind; don’t try bothering him.

Blackie has been Jana’s best friend for years, but even her best friend doesn’t know what her real hair color is. Tough her red eyes are real, maybe she was also born with purple hair.

He’s the oldest but not the wisest. He’s a good musician but something’s definitely going wrong with Lenowe.

Their first and onlystudio album so far, released a while ago

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New photoshoot ! 

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