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Okay, this has been happening for quite a while now. I try filming for about 5 minutes and my game suddenly freezes. I don't know if it was a mod or cc that I've downloaded, but I haven't been downloading many things this past week. I run a Alienware desktop (Windows 7) w/ 2TB Hard Drive and 8GB of ram. The game unfreezes after 10 minutes, but freezes again for another 10-20 minutes. I need to know why this is happening, I have 2 series going on and I do not want to cancel them! I have re-installed my game and lost all my cc, but recovered most of it. I have quite a large amount of cc/mods, but have been deleting them slowly but surely. Sorry for being so confusing, thanks to anyone that helps((:


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Most of the time, in my experience, you don't need to reinstall your entire game. One thing I have done, still time consuming but not nearly as bad as reinstalling completely, is to take out all of my game folders and let the game generate it's own new The Sims 3 folder, a vanilla game as I would call it.

Once that game folder is created test it out, make sure nothing freezes, then gradually add back in your cc.

Personally, when I do this I go to the sites where the mods were downloaded and redownload all of my mods, to make sure that I have the most current ones.

There are so many possible reasons that this could be happening. Hopefully others will have some suggestions too.


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