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BuXiu (버시여우), made up of Dong-ok, Xien, Min-sung, and Joesph.These boys never fail to please with their ballad - r&b style music. These boys captured the hearts of many people, being winners from a reality tv show called Sims Idol. They passed the finals and gained access to Doodle Heartz Entertainment where they trained for 2 years before debuting. As the years go by you will see how these boys mature and become one of the top idols


Name: Xien

Age: 22

Nationality: Chinese

Ethenticity: Chinese

Languages: Chinese, English

Name: Minseong

Age: 26

Nationality: Korean

Ethenticity: Korean

Languages: Korean

Name: Dongok

Age: 18

Nationality: Korean

Ethenticity: Korean

Languages: Korean, English

Name: Joesph

Age: 18

Nationality: American

Ethenticity: Korean

Languages: English


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Interview with Leader Dong-Ok on the Hilary Duff Show.

H:Hello It's Hilary here, and I am with Dong-Ok from BuXiu 

Dong Ok Waves DK: Hey!

H: So let's begin

Q.1 When did you first start singing?

I first started to sing when I was 4 Years Old, I wanted to be like Usher. I aso liked to rap aswell.

2. What did your family do to encourage you?

Well my family are just another typicall Korean family, they pushed me hard to study and also go to the top university.

3. Who else in your family sings?

My cousin sings she is in another company, but she is debuting as a singer in China.


4. What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?

You would find some Korean nursery rhymes on my mp3 player, I listen to them alot when I am bored.

5. Do you enjoy writing music and/or lyrics?

I can't write music, so I write lyrics instead

6. What job does the "Leader" do, I've never heard of this term in all my life 

The leader is responsible for the group. Leaders make sure everyone is looked after, we get to  places on time

7. what else can we expect from you in the future?

As a group you can expect alot of things, we have loads of things up our sleves

8.what do you think about when your preforming?

I think about, If i am going to remember the words to the song. will I remember the dance moves, Whats my back up plan if I forget the dance movies. Stuff like that.

H: Well thank you for letting me do this quick interview, I 'm sorry it's short

DK: No worries, I will be hoping to see you soon



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More information coming soon! 


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