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Hi everyone!

So I ran into some dificulties while filming and I hope somebody can help me, because I totally don't know what to do now. I'm filming a scene with a burning room, so I used Nraas DebugEnabler to add some fire. But now my sims are just crazy and won't listen to me :roll: ! They're running around acting like... sims when fire starts in the lot :D . Well I knew something like this would happen, but I hoped I could control everything with poses and animations. Yet both animation and pose players aren't working! I wonder if there are any mods or cheats or other tricks to stop sims from reacting to the fire and make animation and pose players work again?

Thank you!

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Jorgha Haq
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My first suggestion would be to turn off free will. Outside of that, I don't have a clue


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Hmm, I'm always keeping free will off. Now I'm thinking of just filming some scenes of fire without sims, then put it down, add some yellow/orange lights and film sims :D . Probably not a good idea, but worth trying...

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Moon Entertainment
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If you're not going to be closely filming the floor you could try using the traps from World Adventures since they can output fire. That is if you have World Adeventures. It's an idea you could try to get the same effect. 


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You can use the fog emitter to add a fire effect (e.g. "fire" or "firesystem" or "firesystemfx")  + budhains invisible lights to add an orange/reddish glow to the fire. 

Although, it's weird your animation player isn't working :/ normally you can just get some animations looping to have the sims do exactly what you want. 

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Thanks for advice! I did that scene and it doesn't look that bad :) . I was really surprised myself after I noticed my animation player isn't working. Moviemakercheatsenabled cheat didn't worked too. I could use both of them only after putting down the fire.

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Site Owner
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Be sure to share what you did when it is all done. It would be great to see the outcome.


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