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I never make my sims wear glasses because there's always that annoying shines on it and it's blocking my sims' eyes.

I was wondering is there was any mods that can remove the reflective shine on eyeglasses?

I've search everywhere on the internet but I found nothing...

Also... Is there an object in the game that can remove the reflection? (I'm talking about one of the round object like the "fog emitter").

Do you know if any CC creators created a pair of glasses that has no reflection?


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Aussie Me
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I'm not sure of any mods or anything like that, but in the game settings/options there is a section with a reflection slider. There are about 4 different settings you can have it on (or more, I'm not 100% sure because I haven't changed these settings on my game in ages) but if you lower it then the reflection in the glasses might not be there, but it will also affect the reflections on water and mirrors a bit. There are also some cc glasses out there that are just the frames without lenses. Sorry if I wasn't much help, and I hope you find a solution to this problem soon :)

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THANK YOU Aussie Me :D

I didn't think of the "lower reflection" in the setting menu. I guess if it works then it's fine. I need to record "face shots" and I won't be needing any water/mirror reflections when I do that so it's perfect. I also found some framed glasses without the lenses and I'll try them in the game and see. 

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