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Project EcXia

Urban living in The Sims 4! My sims miss the city, so I'm building an urban district for them.

Follow the project here and check out the ALBUM in the gallery for more details.

There is a possibility of me sharing this if there is any interest in it.  BUT the amount of CC used in this will be quite massive and obtaining all the links to each item will be a big project of it's own.  I don't know if I'm up for that but like I said, if there is real interest, there is a possibilty.  But I make no promises.  At least it's here to inspire others to see what can be possible.  And it's also here to show that Sims 4 is ready for serious machinima making.  I hope you enjoy this project and keep creating!  :D


EcXia FAQ Sheet

Lot Size: 50x50

1. There are 3 streets: Carlyss Street, Murne Street and Jasmine Street

2. There are 20 buildings

3.  There is residential, commercial and industrial areas

4. There are two low income apartment buildings and two luxury apartment buildings

5. Shops include a cltohting boutique, bookstore and pawn/antique shop

6.  There is a bar/night club

7.  There is a scrap yard

8.  There is community gardenng

9.  There is a criminal hideout

10.  There is a hidden underground community

11.  There is a graveyard

12.  There is a water tower


Carlyss Street

Murne Street

Jasmine Street

Factory Alleyway

Small Apartment on Carlyss Street

A corner in the Scrap yard


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Jorgha Haq
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I love this. I really need to get a WCIF list from you :)


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Thanks Jorgha.  If you need anything let me know, I'll try to refind it.  But I can say that I find most of my stuff through 'My Sims 4 Blog' or 'Sims4Updates'.  If you search deep enough and thourough enough, you can find a lot of things through these two sites.  :D 


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