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Hey guys, i saw a few minutes ago that someone took a scene from my machinima "sleeping beauty" and uploaded it on his own channel, stating it would be his own work :| iam not sure what i can do now, i know there is a function in youtube where i can request that they delete it because of copyright, the problem about this ist that i havent the rights for the music i used in my movie, and iam scared that they will block my own machinima too when they notice it.

Has anyone here experience with such a case? :( I want that the person deletes the scene, but dont want to get problems with my own channel.

Thank you!


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Sorry to hear that your video was stolen.  Have you tried contacting the person and asking them to take it down and letting them know you don't want them using your clip.  Maybe at the very least give you credit.  I don't know how well that would work but sometimes users are nothing but young kids who don't know any better who need to learn internet ethics.  If the person gives you a hard time, then you probably won't have a choice but to report it, but you are right that it may affect you negatively as well.  It depends on how badly you want the stolen video taken down, is it enough to risk your own account?  Unfortunately, this is the way of the internet, unless you put watermarks on everything, any media you put on the internet is fair game for thieves. 

I upload a lot of Sims pictures and I've seen them used elsewhere a few times without my permission and without credit but what can I do?  Unless they are making millions off my work, I try not to think about it and continue to create.  Yeah, it irks me that people take things that aren't theirs but I'd rather not be dragged down by it.  In a way, I consider it a compliment to myself, that my work was good enough to steal.  LOL!

Good luck, hope you find a solution.


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Thank you for your answer :) of course i dont want to risk my own account and youre right, maybe its better if i just ignore it... the person did subscribe to me now and i will watch her, when she uploads more stolen videos in her channel i will write her a message :/....Iam sorry about your stolen pictures and yes maybe it is a compliment but iam just mad about someone stealing a  sims machinima, after all the work and time you put in a movie its just not fair! and i think she did know what she was doing, uploaded 2 minutes of my movie with another title and in the description you can read that soon will come more... Maybe i will ask some people to dislike the stolen video, maybe she deletes it by herself then. now i cant do more than ignoring it, iam not happy with this solution but it dont want to risk that youtube blocks my other videos :(


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Wow.....thats really bad id hate that whenever i use some elses sims. I would put their original name as an actor for examl if ur sim was callled Eric Brown. and I need him for a character called bob

I would put in the cast list 1992vanity's Eric Brown as Bob 

See what im doing their im letting the users know that I didnt create bob.


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