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I've been playing s4 for a while now and have had no problems. Right now, I want to get my two sims divorced, move out Don from my household and put him back with the calientais, and then go back to playing my sim. So, I get the divorced - good. I go to manage worlds - nice. Move Don out - flowing smoothly. Try to go back to my sim - spinning plumbob forever. The loading screen isn't frozen, it isn't lagging, it's loading smoothly and fine, but it just KEEPS LOADING! This isn't like ten minutes, the longest I've waited for it to load before just closing the game is two hours. TWO. HOURS. Every time, I click "play" in origin and the game opens and loads, I click the play button on the main menu and it loads again, I click the world I want and the house with my sim living in it, and then it loads and just never stops. All my other saved games work fine, Don moving out seems to have just exploded this household. One of the times, I thought it had loaded through, but it just sent me back to the select a world menu. I chose the world and the game I wanted again, it loaded, then back to the menu. Chose the wold AGAIN and then it went back to endless loading. To fix this I've tried...


-Clearing my cache

-Removing my mods (I only had like 3, so, not very effective)

-Closing all other programs

-Restarting my computer

-"Repair game" in origin

-Restoring to a past save (which worked) and then moving Don out again (which led to the same problem as before).

-Saving the sim in my broken household the the gallery, then deleting the original version of her, bulldozing her lot, and then moving in her gallery version on the empty lot. IT STILL LOADED FOREVER. DON LOTHARIO IS BAD NEWS PEOPLE!!


Please someone help me. I just want to play my game. :(

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Uninstall and reinstall

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