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 opened up the sign ups on the officials earlier today and will post pics here for everyone to enjoy and if anyone wants to join as a model or as a judge, feel free and I'll host on both sites for everyone.



Welcome to the first cycle of Color POP! What this photo entails is pops of color on a B&W Photo. The photo idea comes from yourself, and I will provide a color (with the codes) or just give a color, and you can use any shade from it to pop the color. The photo must be up to 3/4 B&W with the color only being up to 1/4. You can color one or a few things, as long as this guideline is followed.


So who can join? Anyone! Male models, female models of any age. Have a TS4 model? You can use them too. There doesn't have to be a model in every picture. This is all about creativity.


[b][i]How many assignments?!?[/i][/b] No worries, there will only be a mock, 4 assignments and a finale. This won't require a huge commitment, and assignments will run for a week each. This will be an elimination comp, starting at the mock depending on how many sign ups we have.


So what else do we need to know? The rules and prizes before we head over to the actual sign ups.


The Rules


 Each person is allowed 2 extensions. Must be asked for 24 hours before the due date or it will not be accepted. Each extension is a max of 48 hours. If Simmer A asks for an extension and Simmer B needs one but doesn't ask, Simmer B will be counted as late within 24 hours after the due date which means a penalty or disqualified after the 24 hours up to 48 hours. If you need one, please ask! If you run out, please PM. I understand when things crop up unexpectedly.


Editing beyond the basic is allowed but not required.


Please PM me if things happen, I would prefer to try and accommodate something rather than having someone drop or no show.


Please respect the criticism of the judges. We are only trying to help you improve. It is your decision to use it or not.


Have fun!


The Prizes


Siggy for the winner and runner up.


Winner would also be able to receive a set from the store valued at 1900 SP.


The runner up would receive a 1000 SP worth of gifts.


Each eliminated person would receive 100 SP for participating (in gifts).

Finally, each person has the option to receive a CC Shirt of the Color POP! logo with the option to customize a shirt with a headshot of your model.


The Sign Ups - Models



Model's Name

Headshot (on a white or transparent background with bare shoulders and natural makeup)

Body Shot (on a white or transparent background wearing a multi-colored short dress)










Sign Ups - Judges


I will accept 2 judges at the most.




Headshot on white or transparent background.


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Your mock is to create something with one of two TARDIS Blue Colors.








Due Date: TBA


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Scoring will be based on the following Criteria.


Requirements /5 Easy points as the main requirement is the color, but stay within a 1/4 of the photo in color.

Creativity /10 Rating of the creativeness, was it safe or out of the box?

Quality /5 This is based on lighting, over editing, etc.

Overall /5 What we thought of the photo overall.

Additional points will be rewarded for Host's Choice, a max of 3 points


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Hey LadyEmillye, Thanks for sharing the challenge here for any interested members to join.

I am not clear on where it is being held. Can you share a link to the site where it is hosted?

As our agenda isn't modelling or fashion there may not be too many here who are doing that sort of thing but you never know. I have found some of the modelling things to be fun to play with myself.  So ya, just give us a link to where it is behing hosted so people can join in. 


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Oh sure:


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