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Lil Sparrow
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Hi everyone! Here's my Machinima Project's plot:

It is a serene morning, so serene even for a guardian angel to enjoy. Unfortunately Serena has no time for admiring the beauty of morning mist; she is on a mission. She walks to an ancient shrine to call her kinswomen for help. One of her fellow guardian angels is a Fallen, no longer in the service of Good. The Fallen hate the ones still believing in kindness. They love blood, destruction and misery. The more people a Fallen has killed, the more powerful they are.


Serena senses something is wrong with their ward. The trio teleports to the graveyard where their ward is mourning after her late mother. Lilyth, the Fallen, has been holding a grudge against their ward and planning her death. Her plan is a great success. She leaves Serena and red-head mourning after the poor child; Lilyth has drawn her life into herself to gain more power; she wants to become the Queen of the Fallen. In the end she is more powerful than ever. Will her dream become true? What about Serena and red-head, and the poor girl who no longer can be saved?




The first part of this project was my very first Machinima ever. I would love to complete the story but I'm stuck with how to build a believable (and preferably epic) battle scene between the main characters. I guess using some effects like lightening and flames would do, but I still need to figure out how I can make it look like the two sims are quarreling. I guess one possibility is to level their Sim Fu skills level up to 10.

If you have any ideas how I could build a battle scene, please let me know!

The first part, Vindicta:

The second part, Awakening:


xxx Lil Sparrow

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