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xStarsAtNight Productions
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Hi everyone!

Bree Page here (aka xStarsAtNight Productions) and I just wanted to post a big congratulations to all the winners and participaters in this Season's SIFF! I no I haven't been as active this season, but I have been lurking in the shadows watching the films. I still have a lot I need to watch....

All the films and series I have seen this season blown me away! Definitely one of my favorite seasons ever! I know that next season will be even more rad! I want to shout out to all the winners, you all put so much hard work into your productions and you all deserve everything! To all the people that didn't win: YOU ALL ARE AMAZING! KEEP IT UP! Becuase you finished, means that you are winner! Hands down!

A specail note to all the directors I worked with (there were a lot)... Thank you all for allowing me to play a small role in each of your projects. I am truly blessed to have worked with you all and hope to continue working with you. It has been a great experience!

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 13...lolfinalyteenagers

Bree <3

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Yes, I would also like to give a big congrats to everyone!  Putting your movie through the process of SIFF is exciting but sometimes also scary and crazy.  But you all did it so that is a win right there!  You don't have to get an award to win, remember it is all about showcasing and sharing your love of making machinima and improving your craft.  Season 12 was amazing and thank you all for joining!


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Congratulations to all! Some really great films. I enjoyed participating in SIFF for the first time and will be doing so in the future! Thanks to all of you for making it a great Season!





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Lil Sparrow
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All of you, THANK YOU!


xxx Lil Sparrow

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yeah congratulations to all, I saw all the films and I love it so much, I participated on the battle of bands and for my biggest suprise I´m one of the winners in the top of 3, I´m really happy and exciting for it, thanks for all people who vote for my band, I think next season will participate on video musical category. :D


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