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So this is my casting call for my new series "How to date a Rebell", A Sims 4 Voice Over Machinima/Film that I will be

entered into the year 2016 ^_°






ALL characters must be able to curse/swear, cry and laugh.


Some characters need to rap or sing, but you will see this in the video. Any accent, any gender, any age will be accepted ^_°.


As a reward I could speak one of your character in your own project/s! ^_^




What you need:






- A clear microphone


-Turn in lines on time


-Use Emotions like crying and laughing


- FUN!!! ^_^




Send audio lines here: [email protected]




If you want to ask me something (or have Problems with the email), then you can contact me here:




• Story•




The 18 year old girl Samantha Smith never had a boyfriend. She wants to become popular, but she needs the help of the most popular girl in the Collage: Rebecca Swan.


Since Rebecca doesn`t want to waste her time on somebody with no talent, she demands that Samantha makes Quinn van Hopper fall in love with her. That would be a proof that she is worthy of

Rebeccas teaching. But the hostile rebell of school doesn't want to date someone.












Here is the Video for the characters and Infos:







Samantha Smith



She is the main character.


Line 1: (laughing) You are so funny! Please do that again, pleeease?


Line 2: (angry) You shut your mouth, you little bitch! I have enough of you!


Line 3: (crying) It's hopeless, I will never's over...




Quinn van Hopper (Main character/Rebell):


Line 1: (Angry) Are you still flapping those lips? Shut your mouth at least for ten seconds!


Line 2: (Sarcastic) No, She is upset because they changed the taste of lemonade!


Line 3: (sad) It...can't be...why me?




Kiki Anderson:


Line 1: (happy) Did you see that? That was amazing!


Line 2: (yelling) Don't disrespect me when I'm talking to my mother, hoe!


Line 3: (worried) What should we do? She is my best friend.




Rebecca Swan:


Line 1: (Angry) Shut up, I call you if I need some useless!


Line 2: (Normal) I can't help you, unless your worth it. But,'re not. Sorry! (laugh)


Line 3: (Sad) Do you love me now?




Zac Fletcher:


Line 1: (Happy) Hey, I have a joke for you. Do you want to heart it? Hehe.


Line 2: (Angry) Who the fuck you think you are?!


Line 3: (Calm) I really do you like you, you know that, right?




Valerie Kroupa:


Line 1: (Calm) You look beautiful on this fine evening,


Line 2: (Shy) Oh, (chuckle)...I-it's alright, I'm not mad!


Line 3: (Crying) Why are you guys doing this? It wasn't my fault!




The gangster Group:




George Onnington




Line 1: (rapping): You don't have any friends, nobody wants you. Not your parents, the sun or the moon. All I do is win, take a lick, because your are only a sidekick!


Line 2: (Normal) Yeah, so? I don't mind, do what you want.


Line 3: (Crying) Jennifer, Jennifer! Oh god,'t do this to me!




Kenan Weks:




Line 1: (Rapping) Your battle me? You're not strong enough, you're not even tough. Showing off your dark side? Don't make me laugh, I am the one who made you cried!


Line 2: (Normal) How about a coffee? I'll pay.


Line 3: (Sad) Oh god...what happend? Is she dead? Please, tell me!




Jennifer Amell




Line 1: : (Rapping) Jennifer Amell tells you, what she really, really wants and it have nothing to do with fonts. This battle's gonna end, like every of your argument. You can kiss my ass, you striped bass. Pretend it's your brother!


Line 2: (Normal): Jennifer is in the motherfucking house! Just life with it, my dear.


Line 3: (Upset) I'm...I'm really sorry! I didn't know this!

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Of course casting calls are still welcome here, but if you are submitting to SIFF and you have not already ready this then you will want to...

Good luck finding your cast


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