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Bosko-Filipek Productions
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Hi all,

I've posted my first machinima on YouTube; it's quite exciting- the nerves etc; but when you click that upload button after days, weeks- months! Yes months of editing, filming, directing- there's no feeling that could ever replace the sense of euphoria and self-satisfaction one receives once you finally have something to show. :D

I'd love if my fellow artists could check out my clips- and give  advice as to how I could improve, what they liked etc. It would mean the world to me. '

Thanks so much all- you've made the sims machinima community one truly founded on the principles of support.


YouTube Link:


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Lil Sparrow
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Hi there!

Thank you for creating such an intimidating yet fascinating piece of machinima! You caught my interest, hope to hear from you in the future! (I also subscribed you!)


xxx Lil Sparrow

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Hello :)

I am making my first horror machinima with sims 4, and I want to have monsters and creatures, but I don't know how to make animation in blender, so i wonder is here anybody who can help, or want to be a part of my project. I need someone who know how to make good animations for sims 4, and someone who know how to make objects and clothes in sims 4. i have ideas, but i don't know how to make it in blender. If here is somebody who know blender, and who will like to work with me, please contact me. Thanks :)

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