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Zadius Roo
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This movie is connected with these video's -



You can only audition for one character

So remember last audition's I made? well I cancelled it sorry. But this time I've come up with a new plan, I'm almost finish with movie I'm just having some difficulties creating the animation's and editing the movie won't be easy for me. So yeah thank's for reading :)

Bomber - There are only 6 character's in this move it was supposed to be 8 but something happened that stopped me from creating them


Please email me if you are interested :)

G-mail - [email protected]

Yahoo - [email protected]


This movie was supposed to be stitches


Plot -

Maximum Capacity is a voice over movie about dervillia and 3 hero's.

dervillia is the main villian that haunt's and take's people she is interested in them because her life was shattered after the war the reason why the war started becuase of the astronauts traveled to mar's and disturbed the high queen of liberty. after that the queen of mar's teleport to earth ruining every single wonderful live's of human's including dervillia . About dervillia, she work's as a matron of an orphanage she was once nice then when the queen came to the orphanage she was supposed to kill dervillia but soldiers stopped but they were late because the queen passed the curse and her button eye's to dervillia.


Genres - Thriller , Fantasy , Horror , Action



Lines -

Cheyenne Burch 

Line 1 - It all started on the day that I died but! it was also the day that I lived again

Line 2 - Doctor Cail found my body in the middle of the war 

Line 3 - He constructed me a new body to live and fight for my life.

Doctor Cail 

Line 1 - Cheyenne, if you are reading this letter please read it carefully

Line 2 - I left you in this room for safety reason's please stay safe the world is counting on you 

Line 3 - Juno and Indigo redkey are coming group up with them 

Juno Redkey 

Line 1 - Doctor cail! Doctor cail! are you there? wwwait who is this why do you have doctor cail's phone?

Line 2 - Better run or I'll tear you apart!

Line 3 - What is this place? What the heck do you want from me dervillia!

Indigo Redkey

Line 1 - Juno you can't just shout at people like that you don't even know her 

Line 2 - We are looking for doctor cail. oh I almost forgot this is my sister juno 

Line 3 - Wake up everyone! we're running out of time!


Line 1 - You are so pathetic cheyenne just give up! you can't kill me little one!

Line 2 - Please don't kill me! I didn't do anything I'm just here to take care of the children Please!

Line 3 - I will never ever let you pass this

Thanks! Enjoy!



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Zadius Roo
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