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Thanks again to Phantomhive for providing the amazing tutorial video that made this lesson possible.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Please be aware this video has been updated and some items are not valid anymore. 

You may want to visit the video on youtube and read the description for further information.


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I also wanted to add this tip from Ida that she posted before in another discussion.


Ida:  "Did you know there are actually 10 camera positions to set? There are the five with tab on . Also there are five with tab off. I found this out by accident. Sometimes you can get the angle you need with the tab on."


I keep meaning to try this Ida. I had no idea it was possible.


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Some awesome advice. Thought I'd add to the post too. Hardware is important, but also other things such as operating system (Vista and Win7 are intensive beasts and use a lot of resources, especially Vista).  Also, background proggies can hog resources so close most while playing (firewalls and antivirus, Quacktime and other stuff in your system tray). If you're concerned about security, just unplug your network cable from your modem or router while playing.

The most important hardware compenents are graphics card (and having enough RAM on the card), system RAM and CPU. Older PCs can play the game quite adequately but may need a few tweaks. Changing the resolution can help - the higher the res eg 1920 by 1080, the slower the game. Try dropping the res but don't go below 1024 by 768. Also, recording the videos at half size can help

If the graphics card is an integrated one, or just not up to the job disable advanced rendering. With that on it will cripple your framerate.  Edge smoothing, or Anti Aliasing as it's more commonly known as is a system hogger too. If your PC is struggling, turn this off. Visual Effects which is basically particle effects is also another system hogger. Turn this to low if your specs are low (or med at most). If you don't have much system RAM, ie less than 2 GB running XP or less than 4 GB with Vista/Win7, set the number of high details lots that render to a low value, eg 4 or less. Same if you have less than 512 MB of video RAM.

Hmm, better stop there for now. Hope some of this helps :)



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This is great advice SS.  This should help people who are having trouble filming due to graphic issues.  I am going to pick up a few terms from your post to add to the machinima dictionary.  Several of these terms will be great to include there.  Here is a link to a great article that takes you step by step and explains the different graphic settings in TS3 and how adjusting each one effects gameplay. "The Sims 3 Graphics Performance Guide" by Kevin Spiess.


On another note, a great mistake indeed led me to the tab on camera angle settings.  Remember that the camera settings you place are global, which means they remain the same once set, from neighborhood to neighborhood.  This can be useful if you are doing something similar in two neighborhoods.  Of course, all you need to do to reset them is assign and save another camera angle to that number with the control key.


A camera option that has not been mentioned yet is using the shift key with the positions you have set.  This creates a different effect than traveling from one camera angle to the next.  Let me give you an example.  If you have two camera angles set: 5 and 6 in this example.  You can do two things with these settings.  One you can go back and forth between the 5 and 6 and film the camera's travels.  Alternatively, you can snap directly from 5 to 6 by holding down the shift key and the number 5 or 6.  This is also something to try out and view the difference in what you have filmed.

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