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Tips for Using the Photo Gallery

The purpose of having a photo gallery is so that you can show off your amazing creations, but often your best photos get lost in the sea of albums. You might want to create a thread in the forums HERE to direct us to your new additions and projects.

Here are some tips on how to post pics and getting your photos seen.

Tips on Posting Photos

  • at the top of the page click on "add photos"
  • notice the options of "new album" or "exsisting album"
  • please don't add photos to someone else's albums - only add to your own or to an album that was created for a showcase or challenge
  • If can add photos to an album you already started by clicking the drop down arrow on "exsisting albums" where you will be able to find your old album
  • If you have just a few photos to add, consider adding them to an exsisting album.
  • You may choose to start new albums for different topics - this is a great idea but please avoid starting dozens of new albums for every topic. We recommend keeping at least one album for all of your random photos that you wish to showcase, and new albums for special topics.
  • To begin click "upload photos" and you will be directed to your computer's folders where you can select photos to upload. If you want to add more you can just click this again and again until you have found all of those you wish to add.
  • Once all of your photos have uploaded click "submit" and viola you have your album


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"My comment keeps disappearing when I click 'Submit' "


originally added by Crescent Moon Pye

Be advised that your comment will not 'take' if you have written something in it that can be interpreted by the system as a link. It will flake out on you and revert back to the previous screen before you clicked 'Submit' - all of your brilliant thoughts to the photographer vaporizing into a cloud of ether.


If you want to refer to any websites/links with their actual address within the comment, just make sure to remove the ' http:// ' part. For Example:


must be written as


for your comment to be accepted intact.


If you are not sure if the element in your pre-posted comment will be accepted or what element is the offender, get in the habit of Right-click 'copying' your text before you click 'Select'. That way, if it rejects what you wrote, you can keep pasting it back in the new comment window until you figure out what the offending text is. Eventually you will get that comment to 'take' and all will be well.


NOTE: I believe this also applies to any edit window that does not have the 'format options bar' showing at the top of the edit window. I have not been able to confirm this, however, because I can't remember where else the Comment options are on the site. Off I go to look...


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