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I just wanted to share this with everyone as I'm about to start using this myself.  This tool will come in handy especially if you're collaborating with others on a storyline for pre-production.  My professor in our screen writing class (which I never got to finish) had this as a 'requirement' for taking the class. It's a free software to help with all kinds of things and even has examples attached so you can see how one is put together (like the Wizard Of Oz and such).


Hope someone finds this helpful and keep me posted on it if you do end up using it because I will be using it too and may need help, lol.  :)

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I downloaded Celtix a couple of years ago and did use it for a while.  It is a great program.  Very professional formatting and has great extra features.  It will really help get your script organized. 

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oh, I'd like to check this out sometime. Thanks for sharing Render - I missed this before somehow.


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This is hopefully what I've been hunting for for the 'Story Board' section writers to present their story formats/pics like the real thing.:D  It would be so cool if this program can offer a simstory alternative presentation so they wouldn't have to necessarily use the TS3 main site story maker to play writer in our Simulated Pictures International world.

 I'm going to take it for a test run soon to see if I can present an example of how to use it visually.


Thanks rendermenow! Yer beyond AWESOME!!

 p.s. This thing is going to be a trip if I can get it to match my visual ideas



It's at least http-friendly linkable...:tongue:

[I love that corkboard index card sample they show in the extras on their site, but I'm too cheap to pay for it until I'm sure this will work - "must . find . way . to . make . compatible . with . Simatography" says William Shimter -  the Canadian actor of  Star Trek fame]

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