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Guidelines for Members

Simatography has grown into a supportive and encouraging community and our goal is to keep it that way. Please take a moment to review these guidelines to help us ensure that everyone is able to enjoy it here.


Plagiarism is copying someone else's work and it is NOT ACCEPTABLE here.

  • If you use anything that someone else created, in any way, please ask them for permission to use it.
  • If you use something someone else created always credit them.
  • We are inspired every day by the work of others, but there is a difference between being inspired and copying. Please be considerate. If you are planning to use someone else's created characters from their stories or machinima, and you use these characters in your own stories this is considered plagiarism too. Always, always ask permission when using something that someone else has created.


One of our goals is to help our members get their creativity noticed. Your creations may show up in any of our publications or be shared on our community social network pages. We will always give proper credit or ensure that when a person is directed to the creation that it is clear who actually created it.


Simatography is a supportive and encouraging community so please consider these items when posting comments or feedback.

  • We will not tolerate any type of flaming or blatantly negative commentary. We will delete such comments.
  • If you wish to offer feedback on someone's work always be considerate of your words. Try to avoid embarassing the artist. 
  • Detailed feedback may not be something the artist wants - it is recommended that you send a private message and ask the person if they would like some honest feedback to help them improve and only give it if they want it. Some people have improved quite a bit by getting help this way from another member.
  • If you want honest feedback on your project to help you improve then ask for it.


We are not a PG14 rated site. At times there may be creations here that you may find offensive or that may not be suitable for all ages. At the same time we are committed to keeping Simatography a safe and comfortable community for all. Please follow these guidelines so that we will not have to censor your creations.

  • We will not accept creations that in any way glorify or promote rape, racism, pornography, hate or any similar topics.
  • We will not censor tasteful nudity or adult themes, but we do ask that you add a disclaimer that clearly lets people know,  just like you see at real films if there is "adult subject matter, course language, mature themes, violence etc.  just as a courtesy to those who may not want to see such things.


We always invite your feedback to help keep Simatography amazing so please discuss any concerns with Minraed - site owner, or any of the admins or moderators that you are friendly with.


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