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Hello everybody !

I am a new member here, I came from France and I played The Sims for a long time, since 2007 I think haha and I am still so addicted to this game, I love making Machinimas (especially for The Sims 3). At first, it was for all my friends, family requests and for some conventions but I did not know that we can share here and there is also festival for it. I was so happy when I discovered it but I was shy to post my videos in YouTube the first time that's why my channel is still young even if I played it for so long haha. I am really happy if you guys come and talk with me :D feel free to send me a message ;) and I hope that I can participate for the next SIFF ! ^^ here is my channel it's pretty empty for the moment but I will add little by little :) Thank you ! See ya !

* Ayahime *

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Welcome and thank you for joining us. This season there will be some confusion about the festival because SIFF as we knew it has come to a close, but the great news is that there is a new venue for the festival.  As I have had to back out of this project, the team that was behind me doing the hard work before has taken it on. You can find them at  and if you search for Sims Film Fest on facebook and other social media you will find them there too. 

As for us here, my aim is to have a fresh update for us to celebrate the Christmas holiday season and bring in the new year together, focusing on what we started with here at Simatography which is photography, stories, and machinima as a community showcase and to help each other learn and solve problems and be inspired so stay tuned.


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Bosko-Filipek Productions
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Hey everyone!

I'm Ada, but as you can see, I'm also known by another name-'Bosko-Filipek Productions'. I'm relatively new to the machinima community- having only started delving into creating my own animated projects  around 2 months ago; but nontheless, I have boundless amounts of enthusiasm geared towards my several projects.

I clicked on the link you've posted Minraed(I'm so thankful for you doing so); the site for SIFF looks amazing, and hopefully I'll be able to contribute in a diverse range of ways over the upcoming months.

I've been locking myself (and throwing out the key) in my simulations since 2012, which is, by simming standards, is considered a short amount of time; however, I feel as if I've been playing for thrice the amount I have (mainly due to the amount of time I spend living in my worlds); it's strange, in front of my family- my real one, that is; I openly refer to the sims as my family as well. I'd say, "I've got to go and visit my family", everyone around the table knows not to disturb me for the next 4 hours. :)

Please, please feel free to check out my channel (which is quite young); and my profile on simatography. I love speaking to other machinima artists out there, and trading how-to's. Knowledge is power. It burns away the dark inked stain of ignorance that blots our imaginations and understandings.

I'm an Aussie Machinima artist- I have heard of conventions where we trade tid bits of information for a few sips of coffee :). If you'd like to meet up at one of these; feel free to contact me. I love to learn.




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Hello! Greetings from Poland. My name is Paulina, but really, call me either Pau or Noches.

I have recently re-discovered Sims 3 world and I was really inspired by some creators to start a machinima project. So here I am, reading all the tutorials and whatnot. I really hope to enter SIFF in 2016 (be it march or september) and I really want to have enough self-confidence to actually finish the project.

Besides computer games, I love drawing, painting and sewing. 


I store brains in mason jars. 

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Hello Noches and Ada, and welcome to our little community.  Things on this site have been a bit quiet lately as we go through some changes, but if Machinima is your interest, and SIFF in particular then be sure to follow the new SIFF site as they will operating separately from myself and Simatography going forward. 

In the meantime, we will be considering ways to revamp this community so stay tuned. 


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Hi i am sorta of new here, i had an account but i think the email i used got deleted but anyway, out with old in with the new right?, i have been playing sims for a while now i took a break from the simming comminuty for a while but decided last year to come back, i love to write so i use the sims as my characters right now i am writing a story for the sims 4 and also working on one for the sims3 but now i am on a little mini break because i am thinking about what i wanna add next i am really enjoying writing the stories though, i will probably write another chapter for my sims3 one but as for now my sims 4 story is on hiatus, well that is enough about me i gotta feeling i will love it here, you all sound so awesome!. Happy Simming AmbitiouslyHappyLove.
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King Leo
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This week AllAboutSims was destroyed.

Moni had the server switched off. Without consulting the team.


Bilder Hosting

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