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Posting Photos and Links into Forum Posts and Private Messages

  1. Upload your photo to your photo album in our gallery here.
  2. Once uploaded, open the photo and right click, then click on "copy image location" or "copy image url" 
  3. When you go into the text box for a forum post or private message you will see a little blue box in the tool bar, this represents a photograph. Click on this and you will get a popup window allowing you to enter the photo url
  4. voila! your photo is now showing in the editing window and you can easily resize it by clicking on the photo and dragging from the corners or sides

Special notes for private messages

  • you must be friends with a person first in order to be given the full tool bar option in messages
  • if you click on "new message" from a person's profile page you will also NOT get the full editing toolbar for your message
  • the best way to message a friend is to go to your inbox and use "compose" then enter their name as the recipient, you can then use full editing of font, colour, add photos or links etc.

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