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I wanted to be able to write the words on top of sim birthday cakes so the words curve around and look like they were 'icing-ed' that way, with perspective and so forth.



Since I didn't know how to do it on Minraed's cake pic [5/25/10], I did it manually in Photoshop 5.0 by rotating each word into place, then rotating each letter to tweak it until it was smooth-looking. What a bunch of work and what a royal pain when I knew there was an easier way somehow!


Bzanna helped me to figure out how to use 'paths'. She shared these with me:



Creating Text on Path




'Creating Text on Path' Video Tutorial


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Gus Rockman
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I love you! I always did this the hard way, too!

I was in a bad mood until now. :P


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FA, yeah I know how you felt. I always have to learn the hard way because I try to create weird things, especially when I don't have the slightest idea what I'm doing!

You have to love Bzanna more, though. She found the links. I'm just the messenger. *waves to BZ*


It's so utterly frustrating to know these things are possible/easier somehow - but have no way to find them/remember them unless you already know they are there!

I keep forgetting how to do curved perspective lettering, so I thought it made sense to make a thread for all of us who keep forgetting where the 'Picture-altering' hints are.


Wheeeee! Happy Day now, though! We can all come here to refresh our brains.



I am terrible at paths. I need to practice on more B-cakes. But I'm getting very comfortable with the 'smudge' tool in PS 7.0.

It's my favorite tool, I think. You can correct a multitude of cut 'n paste sins if you zoom in, choose the correct brush size, are patient, and don't drag the tool too far from the origin point as you swipe back 'n forth/smear an area.

Once you zoom back out, it's very hard to tell that you altered your pic/had color gaps.

It's the essential skill of learning how 'to Blend'


Good fun! Go try it if you haven't already!

[I'm not sure what that tool is called in GIMP or the other programs, but I'm sure they have one]


--------- (I use PS 7.0)

Oh, and I'm falling in love with the 'Filter' drop-down menu in PS. The more I play in there, the more I find uses for it.


See Pic example below

I used the magnetic lasso tool to select an erratic section of his face, made that section a bit grey (to make dead tissue) by using Brightness/Contrast in the Image --> Adjustments drop-down menu, then went into Filter drop-down menu --> Texture --> Craquelure to corrode Dorian Gray's face for Halloween:




Cut n' pasted the worms in. Drew the blood-blobs by hand.

Not the highest quality work  :P  :roll:  , I know, I but had too much fun so I don't care that it's rough... :D


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I'm reposting this YouTube tutorial in here so it doesn't get lost someday during site cleanup:



[Sim Cutout] Tutorial by Bordelinski

posted by ~sylentwhysper on October 15, 2011 at 7:05 AM in the Headlines section


"Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share this fantastic tutorial made by Bordelinski.

The video shows you how to cut out a sim in GIMP in preparation for putting the sim on a background.

It's simple and easy. Check it out.

Thanks Bordelinski!

(Note: You can use the same methods with Photoshop or other photo editing programs)"



CM Pye here, again...

Well, see, I didn't know that if you save the pic as a .png, the transparency part will save intact as well.

(It saves the background as a white section if you save it as a .jpg [in PS anyway]. then you have to do all that cutout again later - and who needs that, right?)  :/


Just additional Notes from me to give you more options in PS:

Try using the Magic Eraser tool to select and clear sections. It has often worked well for me.


If you are very, very lucky (because I don't know why pic does or doesn't cooperate), in PS you can sometimes use the magic wand tool to select whole background sections of a pic in one click and it will capture them cleanly for you. Must depend on how the pic has been initially created/pixels blending or not.

[someone with graphics knowledge will know... hint hint...]

Then I like to use the paintbucket tool or paintbrush tool and select 'Clear' mode on it to erase background sections. May not be the most efficient method, but it has offered me some control while altering the pic.


Well that's all I know for now...

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