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James @ CrystalCoveSeries
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DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that this series does contain some strong language and sexual themes. It's no raunchier than your average daytime/primetime TV show, but I figured I would post this warning just in case.

Hi all! Thank you for checking out Crystal Cove!

What is Crystal Cove? Well, ever wondered what would happen if the engaging characterization of The Walking Dead crossed paths with the intelligent humor of Curb Your Enthusiasm and the bone-chilling horror of American Horror Story???

Well if you're looking for that then you've come to the wrong place.

Crystal Cove combines the melodrama of One Tree Hill with the low brow laughs of American Dad and the schlocky horror of Friday the 13th.

Set in a fictional town that's somewhere in North America (don't ask where) and focuses on the too-lively-to-be-believable lives of the residents of a small town who end up tangled in angst, romance,funny hijinks, murder, mystery, arcane magic, extraterrestrial visitations and movie and video game rip offs. And that's usually within the course of a week or so.

So sit back, relax and prepare your brain for the most bizarre Sims 2 machinima series you're probably ever going to see.

Episode one has been released and is available to view on YouTube! Click here to check it out!

In addition, we are currently seeking voice auditions, and are currently looking to fill 1 male role, and 3 female roles.

Anyone interested in becoming a part of this series may click here to learn more about the roles available, as well as how to audition.

Episode two is currently in production, and filming has been completed. Unfortunately, we've been having trouble finding voice actors (males in particular), so it may take awhile to release it. Once we have a stable voice cast, we should be able to do bi-weekly releases.



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James @ CrystalCoveSeries
Posts: 14

Episode 2 is now live! Click here to view it!

From now on, this series anticipates a bi-weekly release schedule, with episodes coming out every second Sunday. Episode 3 is expected to be released on Sunday, April 21.


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