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Gus Rockman
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  I'm happy to finally announce that my fantasy machinima series and biggest project so far, Fabula Nova Plumbum I, will be debuting this upcoming SIFF Fall with a pilot episode to set things in motion! After a -really- long development time, this series stops being a complex idea in my head to become something tangible at last. I want to thank all the supporters, voice actors, and fans for contributing so much to this project, even if it only involved waiting for it. This space will be updated from now on with each new episode and teasers, so if you're really interested in this machinima series I highly recommend you bookmark it.

  Fabula Nova Plumbum I is a machinima series made entirely with The Sims 3. Influenced significantly by the Final Fantasy franchise, but also by many other RPGs, mixing them with The Sims franchise. Originally released in January 2010, the first 4 episodes are being remade, with a pilot episode to be released in September 2013 for SIFF Fall. The series introduces a new and interesting element never seen in other machinimas: interactivity with viewers through YouTube annotations, letting them decide on a course of action, making the experience more engaging.
  The plot centers on four youths that are set to travel through the world of Theia in search of the truth behind the catastrophic event that put them in motion, with the plumbob (The Sims icon) as a key element in the story.

  The pilot episode is titled 'Corvo', and it takes the format of a theater play called 'I Want To Be Your Crow', telling a story that takes place long ago in which the hero, Ciderius, is in love with Princess Cornelia, while her father, King Leo, wants her to marry Prince Gladius, although none of them love each other. Both lovers fail to realise how much is at risk in this forced marriage.


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Can't wait to see your masterpiece, Gus!


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Gus Rockman
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Uploaded the official trailer! Check it out.


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