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Hi Guys :)

I'm planning a cross game machinima with Sims and Dead Frontier (MMORPG) and am hoping to find a maker to Simmify some DF items for me! Ultimately I am looking for someone to make me approximately 10 pieces of clothing, armors mostly, and 10 weapons. In an ideal world I'd love a couple of poses for the weapons too :)  I've included a couple of example images from the Dead Frontier closet and armory....

I'll be happy to pay real $ for a package like this as it's such a big request. I hope one of you talented folk are feeling generous with your time ;)


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Did you try on facebook too? I find it hard to find creators, not that they aren't willing, but because I feel bad asking people directly. I'm not sure off hand who does this style, but good luck finding your stuff.


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I have to say, I looked for the models that might have been ripped from the game to use, but I couldn't find any. Without the game to rip them myself (and no time at all), I just couldn't take it on, I'm sorry.

Also, try Garden of Shadows, TS3 Wish on a New Star forum. It allows people to make requests.

And, post on MTS, WCIF for the things. As a creator, and others I know, we troll the WCIF's on forums to see what interests us.


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