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I know most of you use Vegas, but I am using Premiere Pro and found out a few weird things that maybe will help if you use it.

1.Sound cuts out

First of all, never delete the pek or cfa files from the adobe common files location until your film is rendered. However, I have noticed that sometimes premiere, if you track over it and over it will get little blank spots. Simply SAVE, close, and reopen. I made the mistake of deleting the pek and cfa files and had to wait ages for it to conform the clips again.

2. You can quickly edit sound in soundbooth without leaving the program.

However, if you want a global change to a sound clip, make sure you edit the source and not just the trimmed clip. Saves you time.

3. Clean up all empty tracks before rendering, and pre-render (just hit return) to make it faster.

These are all I have thought of right now, but the missing sound seems to be an issue for a lot of people (on editing boards I lurk), so I thought I'd add the solution here too.

Please, if anyone wants to add to the Premiere tips, that'd be great (I think Gus uses it too).

Perhaps a Vegas thread should be made by/for Vegas-users. :)


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Thanks for sharing this Cloudwalker. I too use Vegas, but it is good to know that there are others here with different experiences to share.


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