Bry's SIFF Fall 2010 Red Carpet Bry's SIFF Fall 2010 Red Carpet Miles and Bailey 1 Miles Morigal and Bailey Jamison have a storied history in the acting world. They've been together for years despite rumors of Miles' frequent infidelities. 104048940 Miles and Bailey 2 Every time they break-up, they wind up getting back together. Word has it that Bailey is really pressuring Miles to settle down now, as she is ready to start a family. 104048941 Miles and Bailey 3 However, the rumor is that there's already a bun in the oven, and it looks like Miles is confirming it on the red carpet! 104048942 Miles and Bailey 4 Looks like Miles is pretty proud of himself, but Bailey seems a little worried - there's still no ring on her finger. 104048943 Leonard and Anne-Marie 1 Meet Leonard and Anne-Marie Garson. 104048935 Leonard and Anne-Marie 2 These hot young stars met two weeks ago and got married one week ago! 104048936 Leonard and Anne-Marie 3 They claim that they dreamed about each other before they ever met and knew instantly that they were soulmates. They're sure crazy in love, or is that plain crazy? 104048937 Leonard and Anne-Marie 4 They've yet to exchange vials of blood, but Anne-Marie has gotten Leonard's name tattooed on her arm. Leonard claims to have burned her name on his chest using his cigarettes! 104048938 Leonard and Anne-Marie 5 These two never miss a PDA opportunity when the cameras are near. 104048939 Anne-Marie We must say, Leonard is a lucky man! 104048934 Michael & Anna 1 Michael Kreuzer and Anna Moreau are a relatively new Simmywood couple. 104048928 Michael & Anna 2 It's been clear from the start that Michael's wild about her, but Anna has a history. 104048929 Michael & Anna 3 In fact, it's rumored that she's been in an on-again, off-again affair with Miles Morigal! 104048930 Michael & Anna 4 Michael's public excesses tend to embarrass her a bit. 104048931 Michael & Anna 5 Of the two, Anna is far more famous, and many people are saying Michael's really just trying to leech some attention. 104048932 Michael & Anna 6 It's clear that Anna's not exactly in the best of spirits tonight. 104048933 Exes Meet & Greet But it looks like Anna couldn't be happier when she and Miles meet up on the red carpet! 104048956 Fight 1 Miles is happy to stir up some controversy, and he's never liked Michael. The insults start to fly. 104048944 Fight 2 Michael's an aggressive guy, and he won't back down. 104048945 Fight 3 And the altercation gets physical. The ladies are shocked that it's come to this! 104048946 Fight 4 Bailey is so angry with Miles that she wishes she was the one in there kicking his butt! 104048947 Fight 5 And he is indeed getting it kicked. 104048948 Fight 6 Michael emerges the victor, but there's no doubt that both men will have hell to pay with their women. 104048949 Meg & Rake 1 And here's a Sim icon on the runway. 104048951 Meg & Rake 2 It's Meg Bryant and her son Rake! Meg was formerly a super model and also a renown celebrity photographer. 104048952 Meg & Rake 3 Rake is an up & coming young actor, the apple of his mother's eye. 104048953 Meg & Rake 4 She snatches a camera from the paparazzi, and snaps some candids of her son. 104048954 Meg & Rake 5 As you can see, Rake adores his mother. 104048955 Meg Meg is swiftly surrounded by the awestruck ladies of Simmywood. 104048950