Tristarin's Showcase Portfolio Tristarin's Showcase Portfolio 105151428 105151429 105151431 105151432 105151433 105151534 105151535 105151536 105151537 105151538 Pyramid Perspective Sunrise 106031099 Guiding Light Sunset 106031100 Moonlight Sonata 106031596 Inner Harmony (Emotion=Contentment) 106884702 Garden of Innocence (Emotion=Delight) 106884703 I Promise (Emotion=Contempt) 106884704 Music and Moonlight 107674984 Life of the Afterparty 107674985 Crimes of Passion 107674986 Midnight Cubism It reminded me of Picasso and many of the Cubist painters style of avantgarde artwork 108798898 Ready For Takeoff This perspective reminded me of a rocket getting ready to launch into the sky 108798899 Into the Wild Blue Yonder I use to be in the Air Force. The song that we sang every day spoke of the flight of planes and the glory of soaring into the clouds 108798900