CMP: famously Notorious Sims - talent for hire CMP: famously Notorious Sims - talent for hire I am the REAL 'Phantom of the Opera' film star!! My name is Gerard J. Butler and I'm telling you - any other actors playing this part in the film can't hold a candle to me. If I had known there was a re-make in the works, I would have gone to the audition! But I didn't know in time, so I couldn't outshine the other actors who showed up for the casting call. To avoid that in future, here is my contact link: 149795848 I have the original mask from the film! So, as you can see, I MUST be the real Phantom from the 2004 film or why would I have it stuck to my face again?!! For that matter, why would it fit me if it wasn't mine?! Trust me, the glue is uncomfortable and this thing is hard to get off - no one in their right mind would put it on unless they had to fight for the rights to it, which I've earned. -Gerard J. Butler 149795847 Well, I don't care if you believe me or not... This mask is mine and only mine. It's not available anywhere because it's been custom-fitted by a semi-professional Photoshop expert. No other sim but me can wear it. The only place you will find it will be in my pics. Take that, re-make producers! -Gerard J. Butler 149795850 My true fans believe it's mine... and they will stay loyal to me. This mask will never come off of my face, not while there are wanna-be's out there! You'll have to pry this thing off my cold, dead face before I'll let anyone else touch it. Which is good because I used industrial-strength glue this time and it would pull off my skin if I tried to take it off now. -Gerard J. Butler 149795851 I can act, I can sing,... That's what Gordana said and I'm not too modest to say it myself - I'm gorgeously handsome even in a bad light. But I don't stand in bad lighting because I'm not stupid. I know which side my bread is buttered on and it's the right side. The right side of my face where the mask is glued on. Underneath this mask, that side of my face looks really good. Now, sit down on the bed and let me sing you something... -Gerard J. Butler 149795849 Dracula 2000 Hey! Every actor needs to accept his break when it comes along. They don't come along often in a dog-eat-dog business like this. We can't make silver screen gems every time, especially when we're an unknown and just starting out. I saw my chance and I took it. Seven-of-Nine was in this movie. She took her chance too! It wasn't just me. (My Edgar Allen Poe tribute wall is nice, isn't it?! I like it.) -Gerard J. Butler 149854908 Now I can relax though... I make absolutely ridiculous amounts of money now for each movie I make. That's how I could afford this chateau in Hidden Springs. Dracula 2000 wasn't THAT bad. It was bad, but not THAT bad. Doth I protest too much? Well, it got me started on a path to better roles so I will always be grateful for that. The girls certainly started flocking around me after this movie. THAT is something to be grateful for. Or, that's what I used to think before I got internationally famous. -Gerard J. Butler 149854909 This lighting highlights my talent for vampiric posing. I look all blood-shot and like I'm hungry for something near-by. I think I'll go out and have a late-night snack. Nothing gross like plasma fruit. Something more like fish 'n chips! That'll do the trick. -Gerard J. Butler 149866080 Why don't you wash your neck so I can... invite you out with me to the nearest Hot Spot. You're a mess! You should really take a bath so the paparazzi don't get a picture of you like that. Meet me there. I'll see you later... -Gerard J. Butler 149866079 Ad for SIFF Spring MMXII starring Gerard J. Butler What can I say - I photoshopped it to death? I'm exhausted and this took so many hours to do (I'm embarrassed by the loss of them) because Gerry can't follow his lines. :P He's a joy to work with anyway and I had fun and made us both laugh the whole time we worked, so it's all good. Go SIFF 2012! 150208673