Advertise Yourself Advertise Yourself Optical Teaser Poster Just in Time for Halloween, This Psychological Horror film is perfect for this time of year. Plot: A group of teenagers fall prey to a ghost of a deadly serial killer after they accidentally conjure him. 195870238 Tears of a Clown by Minraed 196417312 Ricci Numbers at TSR by Minraed 196417313 Sims 3 Story Fairies by Jorgha 196417314 Chase Robotics by Jorgha Haq 196417315 Manhumps by Gus 196417316 ISSUU ad by Jorgha Haq (I think) 196417317 Rock Town by Peacemaker IC 196417318 Sharp Dressed Shark Suit by Jorgha Haq 196417319 SIFF Tshirts by PeacemakerIC 196417320 Tender Wolf's Den 196531463 Overgrown Screen of my new music video Overgrown. You can check out the video here: 196770347 Bittersweet End (Sims 2 Movie) Here is the Trailer 196779880 Bittersweet End (Sims 2 Movie) Here is the Trailer 196779881 Chandelier ?The girl is dead. The chairman of the literature club, Katherine Klein, is lying there dead with a lily on her hand. Murder? Suicide? no one knows. one of the members in the literature club is suspected as the killer. A week after her death, the literature club held a meeting. They wanted to make a tribute to their beloved chairman by making a short story. On the contrary, their short story turned out to be an exposť on each individual?s perception of the murderer's identity. The six members take turn reading their analysis. but .... do you ever think to kill someone?? Coming Soon 196934671 "Star girl" One of the posters for the machinima "Star girl" starring my BOTB group Hi-5. Expect to see it in the distant future. 197015278 The reaper's daughter (Sims 2 V.O Series) 197087926 Blackheart: black list Another of my movies, coming soon for next SIFF 197433218 Letting Go Episode 3 Poster 197590931 The come back of Pixie and the Diva's of Denial Sapphire Productions is proud to announce the return of the "Pixie and the Diva's of Denial". The group is hard at work working on their latest video and will be entering SIFF again this Fall. Please check out and subscribe to our youtube channel to keep up to date with all our up coming videos. 197750885 SIM STYLE by KoreanSims4 197872547