SIFF Poster Challenge Spring 2015 SIFF Poster Challenge Spring 2015 All posters MUST be this size in order to be created into game content poster objects and to fit into our magazine formats. The size is A4 page 210 mm x 297 mm OR 8.268 x 11.693 inches preferably at 300 px / inch for good quality resolution 196859072 Sunny green plumbob by Fadhil (Bahariawans Studio) 196905236 3 Plumbobs by Jorgha Haq 196906126 SIFF Poster Challenge Spring 2015 By Misty4m 196935803 Bella Goth By Gus Rockman (Brainstrip) 197054993 Red Carpet Plumbobs By TenderWolf 197056121 SIFF Spring 2015 poster 197063925 SIFF Spring 2015 Poster Let's make it a MOVIE NIGHT! SIFF has it all. Come Join us for the festival all simmers are talking about. 197101027