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Confused? What to know more? Read Below!!! Summary of what happened in the video Deirdre was a peasant living in a mystical world. She had lost all of her family and was living out in the woods. Our story begins when she is caught out in the rain and seeks shelter in what she believed to be an abandoned cabin overrun with ivy. When she enters the cabin she is surprised by the interior. She is entranced by a large grand mirror hanging on the wall opposite of the door. Her reflection starts moving and the doppelganger casts a spell imprisoning her inside of the mirror. The Doppelganger leaves with Deirdre's appearance. The Doppelganger goes to a festival for the ladies of the court where the queen is in attendance. She attacks the queen and runs off back to the cabin where Deirdre is waiting, still trapped inside the mirror. The Doppelganger returns to the mirror and frees Deirdre, only for Deirdre to be captured by knights to be imprisoned for the assassination of the queen. Deirdre was locked away in her cell to rot for the rest of her life. The Doppelganger took pity on Deirdre and broke her out of prison and gave her the option of staying in her world, or going with the Doppelganger and becoming like her. With nothing left to lose, and no family to return to Deirdre joins the Doppelganger. Who is the Doppelganger? The Doppelganger is an all powerful creature from another realm, a realm only accessible through certain points. (the mirror) She can take the form of anyone who gazes upon the mirror. The doppelganger can travel between the realms at will (she doesn't need to have someone in the mirror to be in the realm she just did that so Deirdre couldn't blow her cover) The Doppelganger has many goals when traveling realms. Mainly to cause chaos and destruction in the realm she hates (for reasons I will get to later) And to recruit people that she thinks can become like her and help her (Deirdre becomes one of those few) Why the Doppelganger hates Deirdre's Realm The Doppelganger was born in that realm, and possessed powers that no one had ever seen before. The throne wanted her dead because they viewed her as a threat and a danger to the kingdom. The Doppelganger watched her parents died as they tried to protect her. The Doppelganger sook shelter in the woods where she found a portal to another realm (not the mirror) She stayed there and practiced her magic, when she was old enough and her skills well enough honed she returned back to the realm. However even after all of those years her face was still recognized by the knights and she was attacked. She needed a new strategy to seek her revenge and thus the mirror was created. When the Doppelganger took Deirdre's appearance she also got her memories. When her task was done and the queen was dead she decided to rescue Deirdre from the prison that she was kept. She then gave Deirdre the option to come back with her to the realm that she now called home. With nothing left for her there Deirdre went with the doppelganger.

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