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5 Facts SS Productions Add Video

This was scary but fun. I was tagged by Sylentwhysper and here are 5 (actually 6) facts about me.

Posted by SSProductions on May 9, 2010 at 11:47 PM 1228 Views

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Reply south-of-the-sims
11:56 PM on January 29, 2013 
Lol I feel like I know you even better already ;-) great video and great clips!
Reply zoeyzuko
10:10 PM on October 5, 2011 
Hey SS...just was looking around here tonight and saw your tag vid and watched it. Great info vid about you. And I bet you are going to be real happy with the upcoming ep of Pets, huh? I'll bet that you will probably add your 3 cats to your epic series won't you? :D I like cats too. And the trailers for Pets ep look like you can create some really cute ones. Was that cutie in the chair yours in real life? If's adorable. :)
Reply SSProductions
5:15 PM on August 24, 2011 
Catketty :P I take that as a huge compliment, being weird lol. My voice can be scary lol indeedy :lol: Pets will be very cool in Sims 3, I'll probably have a few cats too. They'll probably be insane though lol, living in the Bill & Alex household.

Ausagi - thanks :) I take the word weird as a compliment too :) I love dark themes, and unusual to me is interesting. It's awesome we have the same taste in things :)
Reply Ausagi
3:11 AM on August 24, 2011 
Haha! awsome indeed! I soo love cats aswell and can't wait for sims 3 pets to come out! You sound perfect for the kind of style you have. Dark and weird... and for me the word weird has become more of a compliment... LoL I guess we have the same taste. Nice to get to know the people here... XD
Reply CatKetty21
2:58 AM on August 11, 2011 
SS you DO sound weird! xD because you ARE weird and maybe you're the WEIRDEST person I've ever "known" beside me xD hahaha, no just joking man.(talking nonsense due to lack of sleep(have worked all night)). You're going to hate me xD Your voice makes me feel like.... shivering 0.o. When I'm going to have Pets for sims 3, I'll have like 5 different cats xD
Reply SSProductions
5:13 PM on August 10, 2011 
Thanks :)

CatKetty21 :lol: I think I sound weird, lol. It's awesome you like the atmosphere in the vid and cats too. Sorry to hear about Salem (cool name incidentally). It's cool you have 4 in sims 2. Haven't played sims 2 myself but it'll be fun when Pets for sims 3 is released.
Reply CatKetty21
9:42 PM on August 8, 2011 
0.0 wow! I hate your voice!lol! No, actually I feel like I'm fond of it 0.o (I know, I have such a bad humour xD) Well, I see that we have more in common that I thought. Specially dark and CATS! :D I'm fond of cats! I had a black one named Salem(he died a few years ago and since then I didn't have a pet) However in sims 2 I have like four xD. Oh and I just love the freakin' atmosphere in this vid! :D
Reply Baileyy734
6:00 PM on July 11, 2010 
That was great! :D
Reply ChristieL.
12:40 PM on July 9, 2010 
I like cats too ^_^
Reply Fadhil Yudhawanto (Bahariawans Studio)
9:21 AM on July 3, 2010 
to SSP : And you know, my cat's weight is 22 pounds
Reply SSProductions
5:22 AM on July 2, 2010 
Akaichou - Thanks :) Hope you get tagged soon too. They are certainly fun.

CMP - LMAO. Yeah indeed, that is the most heinous, scariest thing ever :D

Fadhil - Awesome, lol
Reply Fadhil Yudhawanto (Bahariawans Studio)
11:08 PM on June 29, 2010 
i agree with you. Cat is so cute. i have a cat and it's fat
Reply CrescentMoonPye
4:09 AM on May 13, 2010 
Re: 2:02
Heehee, even though it scared me it made me laugh hysterically
Reply Akaichou
8:49 AM on May 12, 2010 
My voice is also werid when I hear it recorded but the wonders of editing lol! I hope to get tagged soon! SS keep up the good work with your productions!
Reply SSProductions
6:35 AM on May 12, 2010 
Thanks all :)

Koredake - that piece of music is one of my fav soundtracks. It's definitely fun - maybe you'll get tagged soon :)
Reply SSProductions
1:50 AM on May 12, 2010 
I'm totally speechless :) I find it weird hearing my recorded voice, so it's awesome to get such a cool compliment.
Reply Akaichou
1:33 PM on May 11, 2010 
Sylentwhysper are you fangirling over his voice? lol! His voice is "hot" I wonder if in real life does he have to worry about being chased by fangirls?
Reply sylentwhysper
9:30 PM on May 10, 2010 
I do have to agree with one of the comments made on youtube, your voice sounds 'hot.' It has a certain mysterious, charming and alluring deepness and darkness to it. I mean this as an honest compliment and not in any odd way. You have a unique voice.
Reply Minraed
10:34 AM on May 10, 2010 
Yikes, I guess this means that I can't keep procrastinating on my machinima making any longer. Let's test out this new computer shall we?
Reply Akaichou
9:04 AM on May 10, 2010 
LOL you sound like an awesome person!

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