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Briarwood Falls: The Reapers Curse Add Video

Briarwood Falls tells the story about two dear friends, Isabelle and Luna, trapped in a city of darkness. Isabelle, is a young witch who's been keeping a dark secret from her friend Luna. Isabelle had been working for The Lord Of Death himself. One night, while taking a walk back home, Luna noticed a dark, haunting figure holding what looked like to her, a large scythe standing over a man as if it were ready to strike him. Not knowing what else to do, she jumps in front of the man just as the blade comes down on her, giving her own life instead. Before she took her last breath, she noticed that the one who struck her, was Isabelle herself. After Luna's death, Isabelle spiraled into a deep depression eventually causing her to go mad over the death of her beloved friend. She pleaded to the reaper and insisted that killing her was a mistake. The reaper accepted her plea but told her that it would come with a price. Luna would be brought to life, but she will be forever cursed as a vampire and would be left to wander in an alternate universe known as The Realm Of The Dead. Isabelle is the only one who can see Luna but can only see her in a ghostly, transparent form. Eventually, word began to spread that Isabelle had been seen "talking to ghost" and that she was a "student of the reapers." Because she exposed her position, the Reaper punished Isabelle by slowly draining her life. Soon, she was admitted into Briarwood's Mental Asylum. Luna now vows to stop Death and find a way back to save both Briarwood and Isabelle.

Sorry for the crappy audio, the pitching was and still is a bit too bassy which is why it's causing it to sound muzzled or kinda buzzy. I'll try to get that fixed when I have more time. (currently in the process of finals week and packing to go back home and then transfer to a new school :mad:) I would've done more for the other characters but I couldn't exactly do a gut wrenching scream and start yelling in my residence hall but I plan on adding more once I start on the film. I also plan on making another trailer.

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