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Tips for using the Photo Galleries

The purpose of having a photo gallery is so that you can show off your amazing creations, but often your best photos get lost in the numerous albums. We recommend you create a Member Studio in the forum to direct fans to your various albums and updates.

Here are some tips on how to upload photos to the gallery:
  1. Click on "Add photos" at the top of the Galleries page.
  2. Notice the options "New Album" and "Existing Albums", you can create a new album or choose from a drop-down list of existing albums.
  3. Please avoid adding photos to someone else's album/s - only add to a new album or to an existing album created for a showcase or challenge.
  4. Please avoid creating new albums per topic, it is recommended you create an album for random photos and then specific albums for each topic/project.
  5. Once you typed the name of your album or chose an existing one, you can add photos by clicking the "Upload Photos..." button. A window will pop-up allowing you to browse through your files until you select the photo/s you want to upload. If you want to add more photos just click the same button again.
  6. Once you selected the photo/s you want to upload, you can proceed by clicking the "Submit" button.
  7. You will be redirected to your Album Settings page, where you can change the name of the album, add a description and choose a category. You can also add a title and description to your photo/s, reorganise, rotate, delete, choose which one will act as album cover, and move to another album.

Here are some tips on how to put a photo in your comments:

  1. When you are writing your comment you can click the photo icon on the format bar, and a window will pop-up allowing you to paste the URL of the photo you want to post.

2.  The URL of your photo can be obtained by going to the album where you uploaded it, opening the photo, right clicking it and choosing "Copy Image Location" (Mozilla Firefox/Internet Explorer) or "Copy Image URL" (Google Chrome). Now the URL is automatically copied and you can simply right click in the dialogue box asking for the URL and choosing "Paste". Click "OK" to proceed.

3.  Your photo should appear in the text box and now you can write your comment or simply click "Post Reply".

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