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Viewer's Choice Awards

Golden Clapboard

The golden clapboard represents awards for machinima production, as voted by the fans and viewers.

Best Promotional Trailer
1st, 2nd, 3rd

Best Music Video
1st, 2nd, 3rd place

Best of the Masters
1st, 2nd, 3rd place

Best Film
1st, 2nd, 3rd place

Best Series
1st, 2nd, 3rd

Best MEP
Golden Star

Golden stars recognize technical and entertainment value in specific elements of machinima making, as voted by the fans and viewers. The staff will review all entries and filter the ones that fit these categories, therefore these polls will open a few days later than the other polls.

Best Promotional Poster
1st, 2nd, 3rd

Best Male Voice Actor
Best Female Voice Actor
With so many voice actors in SIFF, the staff and supporters will nominate voice actors for this poll based on good speaking quality, character, emotion and also on the amount of speaking lines in relationship to the machinima. (someone who speaks a single line, for example, would not be considered for this category)
(consider all roles voiced)

Best Title Design
(introduction and logo graphics design)

Best Storyline in a Masters Machinima
Best Storyline in a Short or Feature-Length Film
(did the story captivate and entertain you)

Best Choreography in a Music Video

Best Foreign Film
(to be included if there are any films spoken in a language other than English and presented with English Subtitles)


Battle of the Bands 

Battle of the Bands has only been around for a few seasons but it is growing in popularity. It plays on the theme of role-playing our sims as celebrities, while giving non-machinima makers another opportunity to join in on the fun. 

Best Band Promo Poster

Headlining Band

first place band

Backup Bands

2nd and 3rd place bands

JUDGES' PICKS on Technical Merit

Nominated and voted by a panel of staff and machinima masters. Please note that for fairness, no judge on the panel

will be voting for a category that they themselves is participating in.

Golden Clapboard - Judges' Picks

Most Promising New Machinima Maker

This winner represents exceptional potential for a really new machinma maker. In order to be nominated this director must have no more than 5 machinima's previously made, be making machinima for no more than 1 year, and has not entered SIFF more than one time before this season.

Best Visual Effects and Post Production in the Master Category

Our Masters are expected to have exceptional skills, but still they continue to WOW us. This award goes to the Master Machinima maker who has gone above and beyond.

Exceptional Cinematography

One for Masters, one for Non-Masters

Cinematography is the use of interesting camera angles, camera perspective and it represents the art of film theory. For this award we will be looking for those moments where the scenery or the camera work makes us say WOW!


Golden Stars - Judge's Picks

Best Soundtrack in a Non-Master Category

One of the most important parts of a really good machinima is the use of music to portray the story and the ambiance for the genre. For this award we are looking for film makers that show a special talent for this skill.

Best Sound Design and Editing in the Master Category
For the masters we expect more than a simple soundtrack, we hope to see sound editing and sound effects that add another layer to the machinima experience. This is the Masters' version of Best Soundtrack - something a bit above and beyond just the music.

Staff Picks and Special Recognition

As the staff of SIFF we put a lot of time and consideration into making SIFF a great experience for all of you. As individuals, we don't always love the same things. Sometimes we just want to share our choices and recognize the things that we loved about your productions, even if they may not have been recognized in the general polls. These Special Recogniton awards represent all of the little details and wonderful contributions that are made in any of the SIFF creative challenges. They are meant to be fun, whimsical and are based on our personal preferences. We want you to know what we love to see.

Special Recognition Awards

Staff Picks

A select number of our Staff members will share their favourites and highlights from SIFF machinima categories. While these are not official awards per se, some of us just want to share our take on your great work. 

Notable Contributions

Venue Architect

Special Performance

Star Photographer

Paparazzi King/Queen

SIFF Fashionista

(other fun things that we notice and make us say, ok that was just such a cool idea, thank you for adding that to the festival)

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